Reviews for Among Us
remmyalamode chapter 6 . 11/28/2006
O that sarcasm. Heh. Not much to say. Kind of a filler of a chapter. Though we do get to see Gene and Cassie together. Not as awkward as i thought it would be but still you get that feeling that it's still kind of weird for both of them. Still, good chapter. Hopefully we get some aliens or something. O... a red planet? Maybe its a rogue bandit planet. Maybe its infected. Maybe its a wholey a mechanical planet. Maybe its full of amazons or pirates. I donno. Maybe the summary comes in? :) Update soon.

remmyalamode chapter 5 . 11/7/2006
Wait... what theory? What theory does she want to prove? Did i totally miss that? Ack!

Seeing her was tearing him apart. Every word she spoke sent spines into his heart. my very poetic. That, my friend, was very well done. :)

Oh and this part... Gene suddenly grabbed hard onto Cassie’s arms and flung her into the wall roughly. He pressed himself against her so that she couldn’t move. His breath was hot against her throat as he spoke through his teeth, “What the hell are you doing here Cassie?” ... Ahh thats so hott. :D I can just picture it very dramatic and it really builds tension. Very very good.

And the ending was cute. I love sarcasm. Mou. Another good chapter. And so quickly updated. And you spelling and gramar is very lovely. Cant wait for another chapter. Update soon.

remmyalamode chapter 4 . 11/5/2006
Ack. I reviewed and was like ' i cant wait for the next chapter' imagine my surprise when you had updated again. I had just never noticed that i could keep going so i just reviewed for chapter three when i saw that you had ANOTHER chapte done. Man. Your quick. And its good. its not like you rushed and that theres a million spelling mistakes. This was wonderful. And know i know how they know each other. Finally were on a roll. And aliens? Very cool. : )

remmyalamode chapter 3 . 11/5/2006
Actually i guess i lied... i watch Andromada which this chapter reminded me of which in turn reminded me that i watch it and that i lied when i said i dont really do si-fi. : ) So let me get this straight. I was a bit confused with what Gene saw. He got called to the lunch room and he looked in and saw a glowing Janice and Josh arm wrestling BUT when he caled to asked for Janice and Josh position they were no where near the lunchroom? I dont know if thats right... but it makes for a very cool twist. And now Cassie has seen Gene and reconised him. Still wanting to see how they know each other. Cassie and Gene romance? Or are they sibblings? Oh all the possibilities. : ) You rock for updating so quickly. Cant wait for the next chapter.

remmyalamode chapter 2 . 11/3/2006
Well... i dont usually enjoy si-fi but i do like the prospect of living on mars and venus... that and this situation that Gene is in reminds me of gundam wing :) but still im glad i found this story. If you keep at it and dont loose sight of the end you will probably have a very ingenious story. Again... that is if you keep up with ideas and keep the plot rolling. I'm not sure if you tried and it didnt work... but your chapter was a bit confusing because of the scene changes with nothing indicating them. You dont have to have thoes long lines across the page like some people use on fp for scene brakes, you could easily have things such as '-0-0-' or '8' or anything so that people know when your changing scenes. Anyways... i'm looking forwards to see how Gene knows Doc Cassie and i like the way your summary didnt have anything to do with this first chapter and its is something that will be comming up ... something to look forwards to. Please keep updating and writing. Im looking forwards to the next chapter.