Reviews for Smile
chris chapter 1 . 12/9/2006

Nice concept you have going in this poem. I particularly liked the directness and frankness of lines 3-6, and how the speaker captures a sort of sarcastic nonchalance in lines 5-6: "nothing but a simple smile / comes your way..."

Do you intentionally spell "you" as "u" (if so, it has an entirely different effect)? Also, I did get a bit lost in lines 9-10-what exactly are you referring to? Finally, I found myself wanting to know what emotions were hidden behind the "smile", and what the "answer" of the last line is in response to. Did you intentionally leave that vague? If so, your poem makes on a very effective point...what lies behind the smile will (perhaps must) always be hidden.

Very nice. : ]
anti trends chapter 1 . 11/3/2006
then stop smiling? haha

nice i used to feel as you did or similar as you did since i know that ppl sometimes get affended when others say they know 'exactly wut there going through" so yea my advice is be true to your feelings yea easier said then done but its a load off when you actually get it... so agan nice work

Ps: check some of my works? just started so be nice :)