Reviews for Charm and Communism
l. fayette chapter 1 . 11/10/2006
oh wow, this is good.

and i love how it's like a region that hasn't been done a million times before
V de V chapter 2 . 11/5/2006
I think a seventy-four is a bit harsh, though you had some missed words in the course of the narration. And once you used "shot" instead of "shoot". But other than that, it was just insanely long. No harm done. I know nothing about communist Romania. Well, not as much as I should know after taking AP Euro, but who said I paid attention. Back to the review (I get first dibs). I like it, not sure of the story though. I think you should have elaborated on the setting a bit more. I had a hard time figuring out why the gang of three did what they did. But this story reminds me of a modern version of Beauty and the Beast in which Ruxandra is Beauty and Iancu is the Beast. If you ever rewrite this fic, look into that plot line. It lends itself very nicely to what you have so far. Just a suggestions.