Reviews for A Symphony of the Heart
Melissa Norvell chapter 4 . 7/11/2007
I absolutely love this story. Very well-written with likable. believable characters. I'll definitely be back for another chapter. Perhaps, if you have the time you can check out some of my works.
Tahchan chapter 3 . 5/23/2007
Another fantastic instalment of ASH *3*

I just realised her penname and the acronymn of the title are the same! How clever, Eichan! XD Kudos!

Guffhhaw, I love the twinns *heartheart~* It's so hard to come up with original ideas for shoujo manga/storylines nowadays but you've really got it down pact. Even though you've taken inspiration from Ouran and Fruba, this is 100% original, easy and enjoyable to read.

I got a silly idea while reading this chapter xD Like... for mock manga covers for the story. I'd love to draw them for you one day w I shall let you in on the idea next I get the chance!

Sorry it took me so long to write my review D: I started reading this when you first posted it but only now managed to finish it TT Bad kitty, nyoo~

As always, excellent work, woman! You are so darn talented! *O* I can't wait for more! I swear, I'll make you publish this one day!
eidolon downcast chapter 3 . 4/22/2007
I like this story alot, it has a very good sense of manga story telling. Hope to continue reading your updates.
Neko-Sama chapter 2 . 12/15/2006
*crosses fingers that this all posts*

My head is spininng, I love this storry~

I really want to read more, I really, REALY do T_T I can't wait to see what happens, to hear more about the characters! Like, these two refined men :D I want to know who they are, and this man she meets on the bus! I WANT TO KNOW WHO HE IS~ I want to know his connection to Minoru, I must, must, MUST kknnow x_x

Awah, Eichan, your writing is so amazing. You've got a fantastic way of making the characters seem so realistic! But characters like the two men she meets in the super market and characters like the twins at Sugar Plum and Chocolate Pie, they have a beautiful quality to them the combines the real way in which you write and the slightly mysterious, almost surreal feel to them! It's... it's intense on a fangirl's delicate heart *fans self~ XD*

I can't wait, I can't wait! Your original work is so~ *meelts~* I feel so honoured and unworthy of you knowing you have this kind fo talent, oh my, oh my~ mu_um
Crash Ichimonji chapter 1 . 11/7/2006
Very nice sotry thus far. It's very believable in its plot and characters. I will be reading the future installments of this series when they come. Until then, keep up the good work.