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rAiNwAtEr1 chapter 21 . 11/10/2016
It saddens me to see that this story hasn't been updated in such a long time. These characters have grown on me; they've become friends, almost tangible like real people. Chase is blossoming into a beautiful being the more he allows himself to accept Flynn. It's like the two of them have shifted personalities. Flynn is now the obtuse asshole not getting that Chase is trying to let him in. Please, if you get the time, update this story. I want to see Flynn accept his feelings for Chase.

Looking forward to more,

A Red Umbrella chapter 21 . 7/27/2014
It's been a while hasn't it? I rediscovered fictionpress in a lazy act of boredom, and here I am, rereading one of my favourite stories.

It's been a while (a year actually, acording to the dates) since you've posted a new chapter, but I still hold the hope that you'll update, after all, looking at your old update schedule, you've proven to be pretty erratic.

I REALLY love this story and I got so excited rereading it! Looking back on it, it's so funny and charming and I an't count the number of times I actually, in all serious-ness, laughed irl (especially when someting happens to Flynn; that's the best).

And I've actually gotten re-attached to all the characters. Every. Single. Last. One. And I love reading about their goofy antics and the sexual tension between Flynn and Chase that couldn't be cut with a knife.

So I really hope you don't abandon this! I remember I used to look forward to new chapters sooo muh, and I think I'll go back to doing that, I love this story so much!
Lazywolf94 chapter 21 . 7/27/2014
Love reaction in the lift and chase's need to add the fucking part but not following through with that I wonder what's going to happen next. .
Bananafishh chapter 21 . 11/29/2013
Everything is ever so delicious :) The ending is inevitable. Please don't give up this story. Kudos to u author, Bananafishh xxxxxx
Lunar of dreams chapter 11 . 10/6/2013
Is it only me that sees chase is getting pity sex which is sad lol but love the book
Lunar of dreams chapter 21 . 9/30/2013
I love this story because it kept making ask what going to happen next to sting also I hate pity people but I feel sorry for him being friends with chase and that all.
I kinda want someone to like string and chase doesn't like them being so close but I know u keep me guessing.
AnimalLover411 chapter 21 . 9/14/2013
omg im loving this! what does Flynn do next? and when will Chase just admit he wants to be exclusive!
Lorna Freeman chapter 21 . 9/6/2013
Mmmmmm... Very interesting this one, I'm thinking Chase likes Flynn more than just "fuck buddies", and poor Flynn is a bit confused about it, anybody would with Chase haha! I loved this chapter, and I can't express enough how much I love the way you write, I really FEEL everything Flynn feels, and that is what, I think anyway, makes a truly great story, to be able to connect with the character (or characters depending on whether it's first or second person pov) and I love it when I can connect with them, it makes me want to carry on reading, and I feel lost in the story :) Brilliant writing, keep it up! And I can't wait for your update :)
Kuhamasisha chapter 21 . 9/5/2013
Honey, I hate you. I fucking hate you.
It's 5 A.M.
Emphasis on the A.M.
At approximately midnight I came across your story. I noticed that it was long, but something urged me to start reading. And here I am, 5 hours later, shaking with pure excitement. I mean, really, are you for real?! This was simply AMAZING. The setting, the characters, the storyline... I have never been THIS entertained by a story since I don't know when, and that's something, coming from a reader having been robbed of a good night's sleep in such a cruel fashion.
First of all, Ben's a darling. I can't get enough of him! And his saucy remarks make my day. Jack? Equally funny. But, being an overly determined teen girl, I'd just be DYING to find a way to get Ben into bed... YESSS my dirty little secret is out - in love with a gay fictional character in less than 2 hours - line up for the world's newest record!
Honestly, I wouldn't have been enthusiastic about the way Strings [GOD I love that nickname] and Chase change throughout these chapters: Chase becoming somewhat softer, and Strings less guarded. Mostly by the way at the beginning Strings is all against pleasing Chase in any possible way (something I deeply admired about him really) and then starting to say shit like ''one must always please Chase'' and ''can't go against Chase's will''... Usually I'd say, what's up with that? But, GOD, all this just makes the characters so REAL, so BELIEVABLE, I just can't... People change, they are programmed to change. They fucking react to circumstances, they're BLOBS for crying out loud.
And your fucking descriptions, the way you describe their locations, their fucking, it's just so tangible! I was literally screaming the first time they did it! (actually no, considering the time, but you get my point). Again it's just so REAL.
And hey, you got me craving for more, so much more. So don't you DARE pull out that trick on everyone, especially ME, of resuming the story after YEARS of absence. Honestly I'd find you and bitchslap the shit out of you :P
To show you that I am indeed human and not some crazy android keen on destroying the word and reads american type of yaoi during coffee breaks, I too change, and instead of hating you, I'm telling you, I just love you to bits. You're the best thing to have happened to fictionpress in quite a long time, and excuse me for finding you now of all times after all this time.
And yes I'll be patient, I'm sure your work and rest are more important than updating this, dw I get. You got your priorities straightened out :) BUT ALLOW ME TO CELEBRATE EVERY TIME YOUR STORY IS UPLOADED.
Sorry for the outburst. I forgive you if you read half of it. Remember. 5 A.M.
Nothing a steaming mug of coffee can't solve.
Cheers :)
InsanityAndBeyond chapter 21 . 9/4/2013
aah this might be my favourite chapter yet. Physical stuff is all well and good but we're getting serious emotional bonding! - even if they both don't quite realise it. or they do, but they don't think the other feels the same. i have a slight feeling it won't go all smooth though. - i doubt either will tell the other how they feel anytime soon. or maybe you'll surprise us. :)
anyway,update soon!
Scorned chapter 21 . 9/4/2013
Can I just say that this chapter is awesome? I've never related more to Chase. He seens as if he wants more from Flyn. Not a relationship, to put it in so many words, but a deeper connection than one thats purely sexual. And I think Flyn was definitely feeling the same thing, except he sorta panicked over it :/. You did very well though, in conveying th ose tangled emotions to the reader.

Honestly this chapter seemed more like one of character developemt rather than of actual plot, but it was good all the same. It's so interesting to watch Flyn flounder, and to watch Chase be socially awkward, and to watch Ben watch them all and push them in the right direction (literally!).

I huess my only complaint would be the sex scene. I did t realpy feel like it was there for any particular reasn, besides to provide a steamy filler scene between them getting off the bus and to the hotel, and a bit of comic relief. I felt like it was there only because (and I might be completely off) you're writing what you think the reader wants. It was awesome yeah, but when it didn't really contain any additional character developement or plot, so it felt a bit gratituous. But that's just my opinion.

I think that, simular to Chase I t he last scene, maybe to goi g straight for the sex all the ti.e might make it more powerful when it happens. Especially since it seems like their relationship might sgart to tame a more emtional direction :)
Alaki chapter 21 . 9/4/2013
Ohhh that was lovely. Flynn has it so bad, and so does Chase! Now to wait for them to stop being idiots about actual real feelings, I guess.
Excited and can't wait for more, as always! I'm sure there's more angst on the way too, since those boys can't survive without it.
A Red Umbrella chapter 21 . 9/4/2013
And you're back! Finally. I was checking everyday if you had updated. Heh heh.

Anywhos, FLYNN HAS FEELINGS. Awesome. He's in denial, but he'll get over it. Eventually. Probably after committing a bunch of stupid things.

Hmm, why did Chase bring Flynn if not to f***? I do not know. JK. It seems that the two of them are finally becoming closer to each other. Been waiting for this for forever. And don't you think the song was fitting? What with Chase wanting to (literally) sleep with Flynn. ZOMG, was it intentional?! Whoa.

Continuing on, what does Flynn look like? I don't know if you mentioned it before, but I don't remember. I have a mental picture, but it's probably wrong... Peace out and update soon.
TinaLouise chapter 21 . 9/4/2013
A few spelling mistakes in here that I don't feel like rooting around for but I noticed them as I was reading.

These two are idiots aren't they? At least they seem to be figuring things out.
Scorned chapter 20 . 8/27/2013
Thanks for the PM, honestly I've just been so busy this year that I think I saw the update for this chapter and then lost it under a load of college emails :/

Hmm, I had one of those moments in the beginning where I was completely annoyed with Flynn, what with him being completely oblivious to the way Chase really feels. I guess he has the excuse of being kinda drunk, and the fact that guys are kinda shitty at picking up on emotions, but still...the frustration! Gahh...then again if people were sensible, stories wouldn't be even half as entertaining.

But of course the scene at the end was absolutely magic! It was nice that Chase and Flynn made up relatively fast, and in such an authentic way- by bonding over music. And now that Chase isn't being so unreasonable and Flynn is less defensive, I'm hoping things will start progressing into something resembling a real relationship (I've also altered my views on Chase; I now feel like if he opened himself up again, he could actually be involved with Flynn. Flynn- I'm not so sure).

This frenemies with benefits thing though; I just know it's going to blow up in their faces. Someone always catches feelings (possibly Chase?), someone always gets jealous, something always gets messy. I just hope Ben is there to give them some sage advice, and Jack is there for random drunken escapades and comic relief.
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