Reviews for Mr Anonymous
Stewart MacDonald chapter 3 . 3/20/2007
Well I feel like a douchebag for not being able to check this out for so long; I really don't have any other excuse besides that things got so hectic I barely remembered any updates I recieved in my inbox. Anyways, to the meat and the bones of my review...

This answered some questions, and posed a hell of a lot more at the same time. I was wondering when I'd see a character with a name from your other works. The plot is thickening nicely and I'm so very intrigued to see how this will continue.

I'm having some difficulty with Tainted, just some minor hitches with my writing, and how to keep it going, so that may not be updated in a while. When it does occur, I'm hoping it doesn't dissapoint.

As always, your grammar and spelling is virtually flawless. At some points it was hard to tell who was speaking, but thats probably just me, seeing as I'm dead tired. (I've been hit with a wave of insomnia for the past couple nights and am just bleh.) So, keep up the good work!

Stewart MacDonald chapter 2 . 12/23/2006
The plotline is beginning to take an intriguing shape. More characters are introduced, and we see what could possibly be a reason for Rendan missing the crucial footage. Heh, I had a nice soundtrack to the story, my mixed CD plauing in the background really fits this kind of story.

As I say every time, your grammar, spelling and punctuation are perfect, or damn close, and make the story flow beautifully. The gruesome description of the corpse was wonderful, heh, I like reading stories like this clsoe to Christmas, seems so tabbo and such.

Well, I doubt you'll get the alert for this right away, but knowing you're little problems with fictionpress, you'll be staying vigilant and probably catch this soon after I post it. Good luck on Chapter Three!

Stewart MacDonald chapter 1 . 11/29/2006
Wow, it's apparent your writing on fanfic and your writing on here are both superb. I'm already intrigued by the storyline, from wondering who the murder is to wonderign about Rendan's insecurities.

The grammar and the spelling is well nigh perfect. Along with the hook. Obviously Zach is dealing with something a little more than a run of the mill serial killer.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.