Reviews for Switcheroo
lolatheloser chapter 13 . 9/6/2008
Love the story cant wait for an update !
Musicallyj chapter 13 . 9/6/2008

old flame

still want to have some sibling rivarly
Jevanminx chapter 13 . 9/5/2008
Oh, whats he gunna do then, very cool.

geminibaby6789 chapter 12 . 6/8/2008
Thanks for the update! I'm guessing it's Jake at the door? Update soon!
Jevanminx chapter 12 . 6/8/2008
That is so cruel. Now I can guess who's there. But I wanna know why now, hehehehe.

atreyu love chapter 1 . 6/8/2008
sounds interesting :D
midnightbeauty chapter 12 . 6/8/2008
OMG I HATE CLIFFHANGERS! You must update soon! And Kevan is too sweet, I adore him :)


geminibaby6789 chapter 10 . 5/29/2008
OH! I just remembered something. It would be nice if you describe how Steph looks like cause I'm totally lost on how they actually look like. Thanks! Keep it coming!
geminibaby6789 chapter 11 . 5/29/2008
OKay! So I finally caught up with the story. So, first things first. Thanks for the chapter! I'm thinking that Jake and Steph makes a good couple. I don't really think that Kevin likes her that way anyway. The two lovebirds are in denial though. Can't wait to find out what happens next! Update soon! :)
geminibaby6789 chapter 5 . 5/29/2008
Hi there! I just started reading this story and I'm enjoying it so far. I love how the twins act all high and mighty! Steph's parents are hilarious, but C'mon that was so embarrassing at the mall! I could of died right then and there too! Poor girl...hang in there. Yep! So I'll definitely review once I caught up! Keep it coming! :) Thanks!
midnightbeauty chapter 11 . 5/29/2008
Hehe, I . Too cute :D I
Jevanminx chapter 11 . 5/29/2008
I love it, this is greeat, those twins are so cool. You kinda start of thinking that Steph and Kevan would suit each other perfectably, but then actually her fighting with Jake makes so much more passion, its cool.

Michelle chapter 10 . 5/26/2008
good job, update soon
midnightbeauty chapter 10 . 5/26/2008
Erg, an update finally! I want to hear more though . I
UponAtlas chapter 9 . 3/20/2008
gosh u had better update soon, coz this is one helluva story

luv it

Kevans the greatest but am i right in guessing vaguely thatt she will somehow end up with Jake Williams in the end anyway?

anyhow, it doesn't matter, i love both guys equally!
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