Reviews for Dark Court
Sarah-Brighteyes chapter 1 . 12/8/2006
Wow I really found this an interesting piece of writing.

I found you had some great humor in it. I love the line, "Translation: politically she was screwed" it shows the already dark humor you are going to be using through this piece. It is quick witted. Les is a quick witted character.

I enjoyed how you had a dark circle and humans all in one. I thought your story line is a great way to start a piece. I do want to tell you that I wanted more in a few areas. I wanted you to tell me about when Les had issues with wanting the knights to call her by her name and not princess.

I definatly wanted to hear more about the characters other than celestine. You teased the audience. You gave an ending that left me wondering during those four months what was going on. You just ended it so abruptly it was like a sudden death in the family. I was saddened. I wanted more.

You had amazing descriptions and great dialogue throughout your piece. You have a great start to a wonderful story. I just want to see more... I feel like you definatly should have added more chapters. It has tons of potential.