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J.E.Wyatt chapter 3 . 1/18/2007
Ah, what a delightful chapter this was! I hope you will update soon. And I found no grammatical error - I'm horrid at grammar myself.

Gia Parker chapter 3 . 1/15/2007
love it, like the way u develop the characters, pretty original way of doing it too, like the lil brother aspect as well

only thing...update more often
fonkymonkey chapter 3 . 1/14/2007
i love this story so far!

i love thornton. hes like the guy who annoys you but you can't help but like him.

the interactions between him and lucilla are really funny.
Enigmatic Huntress chapter 2 . 1/4/2007
He, he, I adore Theodore. I would have prefered Lucilla to be the one to verbally take Thornton down a few pegs though and perhaps rub it in his face a little.

He is a narcissistic misogynist! Ok, fair dues, maybe he doesn't "hate" women exactly but his comments are so downright rude and insulting, it's making my blood boil. I know women weren't treated equally back then but some Gentleman did at least treatt them with respect. Still, he's not exactly what you could call a Gentleman, is he? Despite my comments, I do find him rather amusing and I throughly enjoyed the fencing match and the fact he knew who she was the entire time.

My favourite character has to be Lucilla. She is outspoken, bold and has fire, which makes her exceedingly interesting to read about, especially when you put her in a room with Thornton .

This is really gripping so far and I'll be reading the next chapter, luv Kaitx
Long Island Iced Tea chapter 2 . 12/20/2006
This is really very interesting!
Long Island Iced Tea chapter 1 . 12/20/2006
What time period is this set in?
WIM chapter 2 . 12/16/2006
Cute fic. I like it alot. And im really happy that you made her loose the fensing - so she didn't become some marry sue! Good start to a story
May Hearty chapter 2 . 12/10/2006

J.E.Wyatt chapter 1 . 12/10/2006
Hello, I am enjoying this story of yours. I'm assuming this fiction is based in the Regency era? Anyways, had I NOT been bored, I would just have read your story, left a pleasant review with nothing else but praise, but at the moment I am quite bored, so I'll just note some of your grammatical errors. There were quite a few, but nothing you couldn't fix with a little bit more proofreading:

-It should be: Her father was an eccentric gentleman WHO had...

-it should be:

“Colin…you know I abhor helping anyone..."

-it should be: “And now I’ve piqued you(,)” (h)e sighed and rolled his eyes, “very well then.”

And this mistake is repeated rather often.

-This should be:“Good,” Lucilla rose, “(t)hen I shall return to it and my maid. Thank you,” she told Horton, “(f)or your conversation and company, and you,” she glanced at Thornton, “(f)or getting help.”

Anyways, yah, don't mind this. But this story!
MystikGenie chapter 1 . 12/9/2006
Hi darling, great chappie, looking forward to reading this story.

Gi x

p.s What you want for xmas?
May Hearty chapter 1 . 12/7/2006
HAA HAA HAA! THORNTON KICKS ASS! Though I personally would have shot himby now. You've managed to make Thornton sehr likable but I hope you can do the same with it is tres hard to make a really likable female character. It's funny how if you had made her the really rude one everyone would have hated her... Anyhow, keep up the good work Monkey Butler!
aims80 chapter 1 . 12/6/2006
This is a good beginning. I guess the only criticism I have is to try perhaps put a little more descriptions in. But I like the characters and I like where you are going with the story so I'm looking forward to reading some more.
Jacquleine Schaeffer chapter 1 . 12/5/2006
Hey! I like this so far, you have some good starts and the characters are interesting. You chapter moves a little fast, but that's not a big deal. Just add some more descriptions of the characters and their surroundings and all that, and it'll be even better than it already is :)

Update soon!

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