Reviews for Curse of the Undead
Amanda Drowry chapter 1 . 2/1/2007
Your story has touched me in a way you can never imagine. The man I am going to marry joined the Navy and became a Corpsman, a medic. He wasn't supposed to go to war. But in a month he leaves for Marine training bootcamp, and then for Iraq. 18 months without him. 18 months with him on the other side of the planet, in danger - and there is nothing I can do. I never though there were words to describe what I feel, but you found them and you wrote them - and I thank you. I know how your charecter feels, because I am feeling it now. Every day I pray for him to come home safe, and every day I fear that phone call knowing that when it comes it's also heralding my death. It may be selfish of me, but I don't care - I don't want him there. I don't care how many people have to die for him to stay here with me, I just want him.

And as for your title: I like the Undead part, but the curse is not his - it is his wife's. Maybe something along the lines of Tears for the Undead, or Waiting for the Undead is better. I kind of like Waiting for the Undead.

Thank you for writing this. :)
q is for quirks chapter 1 . 12/9/2006
That was really sad, but really good, too. I loved the part that said, "Its eaten away at most of her soul now but she lives on for him, the hope that one day they’ll be re-united and she’ll touch his face and kiss his lips and tell him all the things she’s been wanting to since he left." And I also like how you ended it with the way you started it. That was good. So yeah, nice job.