Reviews for Everyone's So Emo
Kitty Cat Turtle chapter 1 . 6/23/2007
Not all of them. Those are poser emos who want people to think they're cool.
WholeHeart chapter 1 . 6/20/2007
Well, I had wondered what was meant by "Emo."
VoxImpopuli chapter 1 . 5/23/2007
I disagree. But then, that's just me. Let me explain why...

Most if not all teenagers disagree with their parents at least some times, and they decide to make their own decisions. However, because they're not fully grown up yet (and, I admit, will sometimes refuse the responsibilities that come along with this) adult people will not let them. This causes discontent, because this is a period where emotions run the highest. Also, just because you have 'decent life elements' doesn't mean you LIKE these. My school would be considered decent (prolably) by most, and the lessons are boring, the teachers are arbitrary, underpaid pseudo-intellectual boobs, and I can't remember learning anything useful in the last 2 years.

I also hope your intended solution was not a serious one. In a democratic society, violence is the resort of stupid people with flawed opinions. At least, that's the idea. If the entire article was satirical, then... I've prolably made an arse of myself.

But I just had to say it. I do agree with you that people who cut themselves are weird and prolably have some mental problems.

Cutting other people is always better.
smile for the sunshine chapter 1 . 3/16/2007
I hate the term emo. Some people may seem to have 'decent' lives but no one knows how deep their past goes. You can stereotype like that, you know. I mean, "Emo" is just another label; one that makes me sick. Have I been in depression? Yeah. Am I emo? No; not at all. Do I listen to christian rock? Yeah. Is it a trend? Hardly. Well, maybe for some but psychological illnesses are other, totally different things. Maybe there are just things in their lives that you don't see. Not everyone 'cuts to fit in' because like you said, who would do that? I have a friend that did and you can see a poem about it on my site. If you look at medical statistics, there are more to cutters than trends. Nonetheless, there are some that do it for that reason but that it not the norm. I feel very strongly against what you said being that I have friends who've been through it and I've been through depression myself. Sorry.
Maeve chapter 1 . 2/11/2007
Oh for goodness sake, it's just a fashion trend and music genre. Of course you're going to get all these little subcultures within it, but that happens with every style. And being a teenager is difficult for most people, are you some ancient man who grew up in the 1890's and can't remember what it's like?
Ivy Orion chapter 1 . 1/23/2007
I wish you would have gone more in depth... I think you could have gotten deeper into it. It would be interesting to see where you could go if you kept on with this.

BUT I do have to agree "we call this the revolution". Attention cutters still have something wrong that needs to be helped. I know a girl who cut herself for attention because her friends were horrible to her and she wanted someone to take care of her. She figured if she cut herself, she would feel loved by her friends.

However, kids who go on complaining constantly about little things are just annoying. There are a lot of reasons to be sad, true... but there are just as many reasons to be happy. People, you need to pick which one you really want for your life.

Yikes! _ Okay I'll shut up now.
i'll ask the stars above chapter 1 . 12/15/2006
I kids your talking about, the myspace girls and boys who look alike with little ribbons in their hair, wearing polka dots and pink, with thier scars and cuts prominently on display are more of an undercurrent fad, the so-called 'scene kids'. I'm what you might call emo, according ot my friends, except I don't piss and whine about how my paretns grounded me from the phone for a night for swearing. I'm more a ranter about society and life's general slap you in the face antics (and no, I did not go to a good school (i was home-schooled, nothing bad or good about it, really), i failed my second semester of college due to being in a mental health facility for two weeks and i do mow the lawn :D).

I'd back off from the cutting thing, though. a very, VERY small percentage of cutters are 'attention cutters', though if your causing intentional harm to yourself, something's gotta be wrong, no matter what the reason. Cutting is a very serious thing, and unless you have all the facts, your going to piss people off and get very negative feedback. Educate yourself to educate others.


This was ok. A bit here and there, but ok.

(i'm just glad you didn't start an all out barrage of the music, i think i would have gone postal.)
chaos-abounds chapter 1 . 12/14/2006
this was humorous. however, i think it would be a lot better (and funnier) if you wrote it as an actual newspaper article versus a periodical or column. you know. use crap statistics and phoney interviews. go all out.
KeytoExistence chapter 1 . 12/14/2006
Emo in my mind is more loosely defined. For example, I and many of my friends would consider the myspace kids who do nothing but complain about how much life sucks to be "emo," but these kids claim that they are not emo because they don't "bitch and moan at everyone, we just point out how much life sucks."


You make a good point in saying that it's not a medical phenomenon; there are kids that have fantastic lives and opportunities and yet are unhappy only because they make themselves that way. Have they considered that some people aren't even lucky enough to have a computer to bitch on the Internet?

"I would say however, that this is still a medical condition. Because seriously, who in their right mind would cut themselves in an attempt to fit in?"

I dunno. People do drugs and sleep around to fit in all the time. Oh, and there are cases of extreme goth groups who participate in "vampire rituals." (I'll leave it to you to guess what they do. It's not a pretty picture). People of all groups can be pretty stupid.

"cutting grass for their parents instead of cutting their wrists for their friends."

YES. Why aren't these kids doing chores for their parents instead of bitching all the time? I'm sick of kids coming and saying, "My parents suck. They made me (random, generic chore) so I couldn't hang out." Dudes, do you know how much money your parents watse on you? Not including college funds? Doing some work around the house is the least you can do.

Overall, the essay was a little short, but it was an okay read.
the coffee fiend chapter 1 . 12/14/2006
I wish my lawn was emo...then it would cut itself!

I agree, emo is an annoying and detrimental fad. Goth got pretty popular in it's own way, but I'm not surprised the culture and clothing retailers are cashing in on this.

The clothes aren't so bad (although those fringes must be rather annoying to sport) but it's a shame all the negative ideals the emo culture endorses. I suppose it's the symptom of an affluent society, but I just get pissed off when these kids complain that their life is not worth living because their parents didn't buy them the new Nintendo Wii...they should move to a third world country and THEN see whose life sucks.

We are the spoilt generation, unfortunately.

the coffee fiend
Princess-anna57 chapter 1 . 12/13/2006
*applaudes* GREAT! :) I couldn't agree with you more. You've conveyed yourself really well, and I think it's really brave of you to post it on this website. Thanks for sharing, and keep writing!

~Anna~ _