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Soraya Zeeva chapter 1 . 3/24/2009
You have officially sparked my interest.
Rhod chapter 27 . 2/3/2009
i'm too laze so i'm just gonna drop some random comments on ya; Eph is fine cuz he's calm and sweet, and what will the "authorities" have to say about black&white coats having a relationship? then it's not like they gonna let Eph live with a bigass BLOCK in his head forever and maybe then he must return to the white side and yada yada, so one of the plot's biggest red strings feels unresolved! and the last chapter feels a bit rushed merely cuz of the cliffhanger ending, still u got some nasty talet there and now i'm gonna read some more of yours, todoloo
deliriouseight chapter 6 . 12/24/2008
Ew guinea pig as minilivestock!
Ayreweth chapter 27 . 8/10/2008
I don't really have a very long review to right, because i loved it all!

i really hope there is a sequel out there somewhere, because if there is im GOING to read it.

i think i have a few favourite characters, chase is awesome! and so is Ace, i want one of my own, he's just so full of 'tude!

the only thing i would say is it seemed to me that the last chapter was a bit rushed, i can't really fault the rest, but i was wondering if you were a bit relieved to be nearing the end, cos i think it could have been a bit less skimmed over. although thats a fault i quite happily recognise in myself and so im now going to take some of my own medicine.

anyway really really really liked it, and am now going to read some more of you fics.

p.s. i may have been contemplating not leaving review, but it was too good not to
Eden chapter 27 . 6/23/2008
At first I wanted to say Eph, then you mentioned the Elrad Project (really interesting name ) and my favorite would just have to be Tim. He just makes me smile for no real reason... Favorite joke is the walking water one . Favorite scene is probably when the Heroes of Black and White exchanged MUGs. Least fav scene was when that...thing Tiffany walked onto stage. Biggest problem is I always thought (still think) Chase tops. I love, love, love the characters, puns, and setting.

As for insults...not really insults, but I didn't really like the romance/snuggling/sex part. Not that they were bad, but I was more interested in the story. Why is everyone gay? After the umpteenth gay person/couple shows up, it just stretches reality too much. z.z Just minor points. This story is just wonderful, and I love the random customs and names, like Seahorses, starfish, orchids, fruit names (Strawberry), and book names. Very inventive. Read this in one sitting
Princess of Lies chapter 27 . 6/15/2008
Oh yay, survey! I love surveys, as long as they aren't 250 questions long...

1) Favorite Character: It's between Chase and Eph. I'd have to go with Chase though. Why? He's a lot like me, his jokes and sarcasm match up with mine perfectly.

2) Favorite joke/pun: I love the walking water one too. Actually, I saved the line into a word document I have full of random stuff like that. (I'm weird, so sue me!)

3) Favorite scene/chapter: I have to pick?

4) Actually, I thought everything was really was easy to understand, and I like how you included history so we could better understand what everything was.

5) I guess my least favorite chapter was the first one- No Eph!

6) I loved how you didn't include character descriptions, because almost everyone describes the lead male character as blond. No offense to any blonds, but I like dark-haired guys. Besides, I could make up pictures of everyone in my head.

7)No insults really. I loved it all!
Princess of Lies chapter 25 . 6/15/2008
Worlds End... I remember that from somewhere... Oh yeah, Kingdom Hearts! I knew it seemed familiar. Did you take the name from Kingdom Hearts or come up with it on your own? I love that game... Riku's sexy as hell. D

Anyways, the last part of the chapter, the sex, I was blushing the whole time. I loved it. ) After I finish reading this story, I'm going to go check out some of your other stories! Yay for slash! )
Princess of Lies chapter 24 . 6/15/2008
"One of the genetic patterns the Beta Scientists had created affected a woman’s fertility so that she could neither have her periods nor children without taking certain supplements."

I want to be engineered like that so badly. I don't want kids and I don't want periods. Life is so unfair!

Oh, and I love the bit about Eph and Chase in the flower-transporter-ma-bob (I'm too lazy to go see what its actual name is.).
Princess of Lies chapter 19 . 6/15/2008
I really do like the MUG technology. It's a very cool idea, and the way you make them seem like they are mainstream technology, but not very useful in outer planets is really ingenious. It makes me think of wireless internet. You can only pick it up from so far away. Most people would make the MUGs omnipresent and have some really insane abilities. But you make the MUGs seem like they are completely possible technology for the future, not just futuristic dreams of science fiction authors and readers. I can almost imagine owning a MUG someday. Honestly, I kind of want one right now... _; And I love the hacking. I kind of want to know how to hack. Not that I would actually use the hacking skill if I had them, but it would be a nice feeling to know how hack. You know, just in case. (In case of what?) And sorry for not reviewing on all of the chapters, but I kind of got absorbed into the story and was more concerned with reading the next chapter than giving feedback. Yeah, I know, not nice of me. Anyways, this is an awesome story, and I really can't wait for myself to stop typing this review and go on to the next chapter! P
Princess of Lies chapter 10 . 6/14/2008
History teachers are only as interesting as their subject allows them to be. I've hear that somewhere before, and I must disagree. My history teacher this year... Or last year, depending on how you want to look at it, taught US History. And that is boring, especially when using a college textbook. But Mr. Freccia made it interesting by digging up strange facts, like Woodrow Wilson (I think it was) used to feed squirrels on the White House lawn. Chase's version of history made it all easy to understand and interesting.
Princess of Lies chapter 3 . 6/14/2008
As a person who can't stand heat, I can sympathize with Chase and Eph. If it gets much over 70F, I'm in hell. And if it gets below 50F, I'm in hell. My ideal temperature range is 65 to 68F. And humidity... I'll seriously contemplate if dieing is better than dealing with heat and humidity. So, I feel really bad for Chase and Eph, and everyone else on the ship. I love the story so far! D
Daydream Nation chapter 27 . 4/21/2008
Erm. Because answering questions as reviews is so totally not my style, I'll just skip to number 6 in which I sing your praises, because I'll be damed if this isn't one of the sweetest and well-written things. Ever. You must be god. The puns were all beautiful by the way :P
True.Randomness chapter 27 . 3/21/2008
My review will be short since there isn't much to comment about. Your plot, characters, and writting method was simply fantastic. The plot went allong smoothly, and if anything maybe a litte rushed at the end, but not enough to be a big deal. The character were all in character always and didn't seem superficial and difficult to believe their realness. The writting method was nice since it allowed perspectives of other character and very few times it made it confusing on who was thinking or doing what. The only problem I noticed throughout the story that remained a problem even through the ending was the way you did scene and time shift within the chapters, which were done in a way that it confused me as to when it happened and made me loose a sence in the story for a bit. Regardless it was a very fun and enjoyable story...I look forward to reading the rest of your works.
ishae kala juita chapter 27 . 2/25/2008
1) Eph

2) walkign water

3) the bear and the tricera in a naughty position

4) mwhahahahahahahaha. I followed your plot perfectly! rawr!

5) you named the chickens? it was interesting, but well, hey it added dimension to ace/tyler

6) Oh Qui-ween your plot prowess is amazingly rawr and i shall read more stories in praise of your mighty talent as i had a very lovely dream in the middle of the night of eph and chase

7) ...moo?
Suisei Lady Dragon chapter 27 . 2/4/2008
Favorite Character... I liked them all but I always look for secondary characters to like so... Fraiser and I would have loved to see him end with someone even when he was a bit insistent and arrogant and, ermh, I still like him. Favorite Scene... when Chase had his tiny firey wrath in the box and they both glared at Eph, cute. Sing your praises... ah... I don't sing that well :D but I've read your stuff and keep coming back to read it again and again... and again. Insults... If it weren't because Tiffany was pregnant and from Fieddman2 (where did you got that name?) I would have hated her fully for her so closed mind and idiot behaviour.

And well, love how you write, love how you describe, and love that you can create so many worlds without getting them to look alike while permeating them with the same feeling of... warmth, love and easy to understand language. I also love that the feelings of the story and characters don't get muddled or sidetracked by insipid or dumb drama, surprise scenes never intendet to really aport anything or worst, mindless torture. Thanks for writing!
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