Reviews for Backward Reflection
cherrynix chapter 1 . 2/4/2007
I like this story, it had a great build-up and it was riveting. Weaving in Kate's past and linking it with her mission to rid the world of beauty was an interesting twist, I liked the way you portrayed beauty as not a thing to be coveted, but to be destroyed for the common good.

A slight grumble though, is that it ended a bit too abruptly. This might have worked better if you had expanded the story and fleshed out the characters more. Then we'd be able to feel and understand Kate more rather than putting down her final outburst to some unexplained form of psychosis. Oh, and you might want to stick to one name (Kate/ Katherine) during your narration, because it doesn't really seem to serve a purpose, and sometimes I have to pause and think if they're different characters (or maybe I'm just slow, haha)

Other than that, a job well done.

Cheers, Cheryn