Reviews for A Dark Blessing
HangmansCrucifix chapter 1 . 12/18/2006

Progressive thought, much like a dream.

Its seems there are two hard roads ahead for you. Both seem to involve a journey, a travel.

I have read a number of your entries and I cannot help but think that you have been inspired by someone, someone you couldn't have. It's hard to explain, but there seems to be at the beginning of this post reference to two other people. One eternal, one not. And the one who is not, you write about, but from your own eyes, through the life of one who is not and yet you can not turn your eyes from the one who will always be.

Your a rare writer, personally I think you embody the true deepness of literary compossion. Something in which this generation can truely analyse, but the truth is even if they did and even though I try, the blood spilled by the true other can only be seen by them. For every set of eyes is unique both physical and metaphysical.