Reviews for Aquarius My Nanowrimo Project
Stale.Cracker chapter 1 . 1/7/2007
Hey, Sam, this is Sicily...I found this posted on your blog.

This is definitely a powerful piece, and one of the best sotries I've read in a long time. I loved the imagery of everything in this. It seems like it's well done from what I can tell (I've only read the first chapter so far...).

There are a few places where the wroding is a little weird, like when you said, "They were amusing to watch as well, but I felt no desire to participate. Too, they all seemed very familiar with each other..." When you finished the sentence and went right into the next one, it lost me a bit. Maybe if you were to change the period to a semicolon or something or change the wording, then it could be a little bit clearer.

I liked how you expressed everything and showed the motives for everything that happened how you did-it turned out beautifully.

Good job ]