Reviews for Jolt
unknown user3 chapter 1 . 5/16/2008
I really sympathize with this (I'm certainly in the same situation - I have somewhere close to a gig just of backlogs of old emails and chat logs and such, much of it things that I would feel a kind of perverse pleasure/pain from going back to, and that I feel like throwing out most of the time until I remember that I *will* need to deal with it eventually, when things cool down inside my head). At the same time, it is certain that keeping such things on one's mind is likely to drive one nuts over time; always wondering whether the feelings from the first reading will return, or whether they'll be replaced with something ugly and terrible instead.

As for the left-brain bit... The formatting is good, and the rhythm is pretty decent as well (that's a *compliment* - I am quite anal about poetry rhythms and syllable schemes), and you get the point across (to me, at least) pretty well, while still leaving a bit of ambiguity and food for thought in the bit at the end (last two stanzas or so, maybe).

I've noticed that a lot of your poems focus around this issue. I've been in this situation before, as well as the reverse (I've been the guy not to notice, by no fault of my own), so the best I can advise on the situation is not to blame him. Being a little more obvious might help, too :P.