Reviews for pandora
Michael Kim chapter 1 . 1/3/2007
The poem seems kind of pessimistic in a lot of ways, perhaps too much for my taste, but that's just my opinion. The genius of this poem is that it contains many truths, and the beauty of fiction and poetry is that it can reflect truths in so many made-up words, sentences, and scenarios.

Having said that, one of the truths I want to point out is in the following stanzas:

"you can imagine a future

where happiness welcome you

but lifetime's too short

to stay dreaming of a uncertain way."

It is a well-known concept that people should not look to the future, because it is uncertain, and the act of doing so is in itself very foolish and sometimes selfish. Planning for the future is a different concept, because that is the duty of the present; Although the material is that of the future, you are living in the present, accepting what you have at the moment and planning for later.

So in many respects this poem is very true, and in that sense, I really like it. Don't stop writing, and do hone your art for the benefit of those who will gain something from coming across it.

Happy new year, from Michael Kim.