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Awaking kills the Dream chapter 4 . 1/14/2007
The opening line made me crack up again. I mean, you've got an unconscious fairy thingy beside your sink, and you say "I think you're bluffing"? Haha!

"We've got important stuff to discuss. Whether or not you're going to curse me, for instance." Again, I cracked up. Stop being so calm all the time. (I was going to say rational, but decided against it).

"where're my clothes?" - now there's some rationalism right there. That's the first thing I'd wonder too. Poor fairy lady. You wake up hurt and bruised, one arm is broken, and on top of that you're naked. How much worse can it get?

Also, the, "oh, right. Magic"-part; I love it! :)

"I got my BA is graphic design. What’s a fairy?” - love the retort, but there's a tiny spelling error. Think it's meant to be 'I got my BA in graphic design.'

“I don’t bless cows. I’ve never blessed a cow. Is that what I’m supposed to do to appease you?” Heh, of course she's never blessed a cow. Really, who does that nowadays anyway? Honestly.

Nice touch to explain what humans are to the miniature folk. And that they don't believe in each other's excistense. And the fairy person's logical thinking. "That's because you're unnaturally huge." Yes, of course. From your point of view at least.

Again, nice description of why and how the protagonist can't interact normally with other people.

And now you've made me want to make a parmesan and brandy-shrine, just because it's funny to call it a shrine. Not because I've accidently indirectly been responsible of the death of one fairy, and hurting another.

I feel sorry for the little fairy man though. Just throwing him away like that. Aw...

"At the very least, she would've been out of my way." Heh, yeah, people are a hassle to deal with, regardless of their size. And they mess up your precious daily routine.

"It closed behind me. The door, I mean. Not the hallway." Haha, it cracks me up when small, not really all that neccessary explanations like that are added, and when it's done so nicely.

But I feel sorry for the little fairy lady now (apart from the fact that the cat has made a mess out of her. But now she's probably even boyfriend-less.) I like cats. I just don't like Gray. He's almost a mean cat, not just cat cat. :P
Awaking kills the Dream chapter 3 . 1/14/2007
I said I was going to review each chapter, and I meant's just that the wireless network keeps failing me everytime I try to submit a review, so now I'm on a whole different computer, which uses a whole different network! Woohoo! Booyah, all you downloading bastard school mates for making me unable to review when I want to because you're downloading all kind of crap when you're not supposed to!


Chapter three.

It's nice to get to know a bit about the protagonist's past, and especially the way you delve deeper into the relationship to her grandmother. It kinda reminded me of Granny Aching and Tiffany's relationship from Wee Free Men, except that they were perhaps a bit more fond of each other :P(you better have read that Terry Pratchett book; it's one of the best ones yet. Or maybe I've just got a weak point for wee blue men in kilts...)

The Faerie Encyclopedia was a nice touch, especially the bit about the Latin names, and how she felt about the book trying to trick her into believing.

"The logical conclusion was that the faeries took him, and I hated it for being logical." Yes, don't we all. It's unpleasant to have to consider absurdities that all of a sudden aren't all that impossible as they used to be.

Also, nice touch about her checking if the invisible hole in her side was making a mess on the couch, which it of course wasn't. It was just a feeling after all ;)

And the nose-snatching line she says at the air, with no reply. The randomness, and not to mention the calmness she shows all the time! And of course, she checks if the internet has any solution for bringing back her cat, which it of course hasn't. It's all so well done :)

"“Drop her right now.” I commanded. Gray gave me a long stare: the feline equivalent of a headshake. Cold fingers were crawling up my limbs, but a little corner of me was determined to be rational. “I am not happy with you.” Gray responded with an I-don’t-care flirt of his tail. I stepped forward. The woman in his mouth stirred. Gray turned around and took off down the corridor. I bolted after him." - possibly my favourite part in this chapter. So much is conveyed by so little said. And all the time, the protagonist is quite calm. No hysterics. Just a tiny hint of irritation. Lol :P

~Awaking kills the Dream
Sword On Fire chapter 5 . 1/13/2007
Interesting. An eight-inch wide, inter-dimensional hole in the middle of her living room that can only be seen from a cat's height. That's an unexpected twist.

You should let your character get a better apartment. And when I say that, I say it because my mental picture of her apartment is small, dark, badly decorated, in disrepair, and probably smelly. Please correct me if this is totally wrong.
Awaking kills the Dream chapter 2 . 1/13/2007
Chapter two...again, what to point out when there are so many good things that ought to be mentioned?

Actually I think this chapter is my favourite. The dream sequence is extremely well described. The pure absurdity of it all is enough to make even Shino laugh (he's from the manga/anime Naruto. Dunno if you've ever seen it, but let me just tell you this...if you ever meet anyone more serious and in so total lack of a sense of humour, you must let me know!).

I can't point out what exactly is the better part of the dream descriptions. The landlord bit with hooves. The knocking on the door and the following dialogue. It's all so funny, and absured that I didn't know what to do!

"It's the faeries."

"We heard there was a party. We wanted to check it out."

"We're all AA. How dare you!"

"You should have left us a pizza. Charge, boys!"

Ah, I was laughing so loud that people were staring at me (I was in the common room at my school. I'm living at the school I'm attending you see, and there were a few other people there with me...they knew I was strange, but still...some things can really freak people out, like random laughing from people they don't really know, it seems)

Also, I like the way you describe the monotonous rituals of the protagonist's life. Wake up, make watery hot chocolate. Let out cat. Darn, where's the cat. Oh well.

Heh, and the part about the not-there message that she is partially expecting to be there is also a nice touch. "PS, we have you cat." HAHA!

~Awaking kills the Dream
Awaking kills the Dream chapter 1 . 1/13/2007
I read your story yesterday, and in a very excited state I was leaving a long and random review. Sadly/luckily (for you) the internet failed at the exact same moment I pressed 'submit review'. That was a bummer...anyway, since your story is on a whole different level and quality than the stories I usually stumble over here on fictionpress, I actually wrote down the title and your name so that I could try and leave a review the next day (in other words, today). During the night I figured that each chapter actually deserves its own review, because there are so many things that can be commented on, and that's purely out of the joy it was to read this. I was laughing out loud at several places. I was also going to tell you that your writing reminded me extremely much about two of my favourite authors, namely Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. But I've just read your profile page, so that kinda explains things. So kudos to you for managing to make your writing similair and making me laugh, not because the story is so tragically bad (I should talk...oh well, I am negotiating with my lovely beta so that I can improve my stories to a decent level at least, story-wise) but because it was so hilarious and had just the right ingredients to make me surprised and laughing.

So there you are. You should be proud of yourself, you could be a profesional judging by this story ;)

Anywho. It's difficult to point out what exactly are my favourite parts in the first chapter; there's so many of them! I could just make things easy for myself and say all of it. But I won't (though it's still true).

I like the way you introduce your character as a self-declared hermit, and how she doesn't go along with other people (and especially not the landlord), and her relationship to her grandmother. Also, the addiction she has to using the internet as her life. Nothing to do, watch films, dead faerie, search the internet. Yeah, that sounds like an interesting life.

And also, the whole part with describing the wait to see if the offerings would have any effect was really well described. (And the German Zombie film description was funny too). Uhm, there were other things that was great in the way to describe the main character, but they're difficult to point out. It's just the general feel of the chapter and the rest of the story I guess.

Well done!

~Awaking kills the Dream

Ps: the internet failed yet again when I hit submit this time too, but at least I had the sense enough to copy the text before I hit submit. Mwhahahaha, I got the upper hand now, cursed internet!
Sword On Fire chapter 4 . 1/11/2007
Gray killed her boyfriend, didn't he. I am starting to seriously dislike that cat.

Please update again soon!
Sword On Fire chapter 3 . 1/11/2007
Whoa. *ANOTHER* one? Jeez. The narrator should follow Gray when he goes hunting next, and see where he's getting all these fairies.

Please update again soon!
TheChesireBrat chapter 3 . 1/10/2007
While the story isn't too far in yet, it's already clear that it is a rare treasure hidden amongst the piles of junk littering the servers. I always prefer to hold my critiques until I've gotten a really solid feel for a story, but I sincerely doubt I'm going to be disappointed by keeping an eye on you.
Gathering Crows chapter 3 . 1/10/2007
I like this, I know you didn't like making it so mundane, but it still has a flow. I like the idea of not-quite-believing even when you know it's real. And the whole being upset at the encyclopedia for trying to trick her. Keep going Batman! Oh, and I love Gray. Such a true cat, sorta sounds familiar...
Sword On Fire chapter 2 . 1/10/2007
The fairies took Gray! Right? They know that it was the cat who killed their brethren, not the narrator. I liked the dream sequence. It was cool. And the "bedcovers wound around my midsection like entrails" bit. Nice imagery.

Please update again soon!
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