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DrYuriMom chapter 3 . 10/30/2012
Very creative idea. Not sure yet what to make of it, but I like the newness. It reminds me a little of the old Looney Tunes cartoon where the sheepdog and coyote were punching a time clock as if being a predator and being a guardian were work-a-day things. I'll be curious to see where it leads.
rachel chapter 21 . 10/20/2012
this is a great story. it's well written and well thought out. thank you for sharing!
PanickedSerenity chapter 21 . 9/29/2012
That was amazing! I haven't felt so good about an original story in a very long time, so thank you! I enjoyed that so much!
MikaGuro chapter 1 . 5/21/2012
I'm in love with this story, and with all the characters in it.

Honestly, this story was so good, I was almost looking for something,

ANYTHING, to balance out the awesomeness..

A spelling mistake, a plot hole,maybe.. nope. I found nothing.

This story will always remain one of my favourites,

And to find out that the author is a straight, middle-age man, makes me incredibly happy.

I have no idea why, but it does.

Keep writing (No matter what ANYONE says to discourage you) - You're fantastic at it.

Aiek chapter 1 . 1/22/2012
I never got past this story...

I found it on a rec list of another one of my favorite authors and decided to give it a chance, years ago. I've reread it over and over and over now. I'm rereading it again this year. I've read all your other stories as well. The Girl for Me made me reconsider my own gender and all that it entails, Last Fighter, last Heart intrigued me incredibly, Ladyboy made me crave more...I love all of them and have been rereading them for years now. But The Wolf and the Lamb will always be my favorite. The sweetest of stories, with an amazing plot and characters and...Well. I could gush on and on for ages.

I guess after all these years, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for writing these stories because they are amazing to me and the kind of stories I am grateful to read. And reread. And reread again.
psychicpoet chapter 1 . 10/24/2011
I found this story wonderfully captivating, so if you are in any doubt about reading it...Don't be-just do it!

I especially liked the part right up to the point they reach their destination, then for a very brief period it started to jump time wise. I was so into the characters by then I wanted to know about all the parts the book was cheating me of, as if the missing chunks of time were an annoyance.(haha, seriously, the poor author would be writing forever if it were up to me!)

Magically, the story unfolds again pretty quickly and all the characters old and new, begin to delight as the story continues to grow and unwind with perfection. I loved it, and the ending seemed to just fit for me, bringing the cycle to a fitting end. Please ensure you give this story a try, it's a real gem!
Ioga chapter 21 . 6/17/2011
I finished this story. Where'd it go? I tried to dose it carefully but it ended anyway! What do I read now? I feel so empty!

Incredible stuff. Are there publishing houses that don't take away your rights to your work for publishing your work? If there are, you should send this in! It is the furry version of Untinen-Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear (the good bits, anyway), a study on human existence, cultural collisions and at least three different categories of fantasy! I'll use it to define future stories - and dream of reaching a tenth of what you have with anything I write.

Should you need a post-posting beta on the text for any nefarious purposes, I stored a few bookmarks of approximate locations of typos etc I found. Stuff like chapter 21: "start by piling" - started?, "why parent's always get" - parents, "was moving in it's entirety" - its.

Many thanks for this!
OneHellOfAButler chapter 1 . 5/24/2011
OMG I just read your author profile. And your a middle aged man. Who's straight. And likes yaoi. THATS SO RARE! You're like a unicorn or something. ROCK ON!
Kate-The-Great chapter 3 . 5/23/2011
Wow. Before this I couldn't really see myself reading anything either Furry, or shota, but I gave this a go anyway, and you did not disapoint. Nice Job!
Ioga chapter 6 . 5/20/2011
Nnnnngh. Now this story really put me against the wall. I've so far never gone reading a story that is so very obviously favourite material, and kind of hoping something will turn out to make it fall apart. Because, you know, sex and preteens and taboos, and all that. While I've been careful to not publically connect my author account to my real-life identity to avoid having to look over my shoulder when writing, I still have this background "maybe some day I'll come out of the closet" relationship with my texts. But what if my favourites list is more potently questionable than my own doings? I hadn't even considered that before. And I tend to live like a future politician - try not to leave things behind for tabloids to have a field day with, even though they have no reason to be interested in me _yet_. Who knows, maybe child protection authorities will deem me an unfit mother for this at some point?

So I actually had to think hard and long for how I'd respond to someone coming to point a finger at me for openly digging a story that involves sex with preteens. It was quite educative, really. As a knee-jerk reaction: people loving gore, murder and torture are a-ok, but once you patch on unusual age tags on a love affair, it's filthy? Even "ooh, teacher, I've never seen a penis before" type erotica/porn is considered clean as long as the author claims the students are physically 18-year-olds. (Taylor is actually quite a bit more mature about his sexuality than that.) The magic age limit in my own country is 16 years, though, just overcompensating for the sake of the Internet.

So: does this make me a rallier for that party in Netherlands that wants to legalize marriages with 12-year-olds? If not, where do I draw the limits and why? Nnngh, can I just stick to the fiction and not have a final answer for the real life side? It's not like I endorse fearing for my own life just because I love to make my protagonists do that! But domestic is political, the question is in that sense fair. What DO I think about them, really?

This is the kind of stuff that I have to deal with to check a little checkbox on a web page. (You should see me filling questionnaires for research purposes. That's just lethal, and the anonymity doesn't help there either.)

But hey, what it all boils down to is: great fiction generates great amounts of brain activity. I tip my hat to thee, dear Sir, you have made me look at the world differently by putting imaginary squiggles on the screen. That alone is worth a fav.

Apart from that, the main thing that sets this addictively apart from the other stories I've read so far are the anthropomorphs (I'm a sucker for furries, and luckily that's not even taboo - I have no problem with being various forms of queer ;)), and the stuff you manage to tie into the setting. Like the conscious-thought education for catching runners.

I've got a few long stories open simultaneously, and I already got distracted out of this story for a while. But yeah, I'll be finishing it. Just depends on the mood what sort of stuff I continue on - returned-reviews material, educative reading, furries that make my head buzz, hot elf smut, stuff that has just been lying around unfinished for too long, or things that are quickly finished so I can pile up a set of reviews to dump here on the same night... ;)

Thanks for this!
Feeshes chapter 3 . 5/10/2011
Dude, you're right. This is so strange, I love it. XD

I think it's amazing with it's rambles, wouldn't be the same without them!

Taylor's adorable... Such a naive little lammie...

Tris is funny. He's, like, dumb. But in a smart way. Yay I can relate to a wolf! (I think that description of him proves I'm a dumb smart person as well, 'cause I'm amazing. Or somethin')
shenlimei chapter 21 . 3/1/2011
That was... amazing. I am really at loss for words. I recently rediscovered your profile on FP after a while away in the real world and just spent the whole night reading this epic story. It went in directions I never expected. From a sweet, if strange, romance - I didn't know what to think, at first - to something that spanned over a decade and how many different cultures and lands.

Something I love about unpublished fiction is the way it seems to grow naturally as the story progresses - often unplanned, there are nevertheless beautiful moments and ideas that come out of it. I don't know your process but you've evoked some of that feeling of spontaneity that made the story a joy to read.

I love how the story moved from the almost typical, American-esque Town with soccer and highschool and cafeterias, all the way to the Akkelahn and the secluded Desert Hares - and then back! I was so glad that Tristan and Taylor returned to the Town to carry on the Lady's legacy. It felt like the perfect closure.

I also appreciate the honest confrontation of same-sex (and different-species) relationships; as much as I like angst in a story, there's something comforting in the knowledge that this is a world where every relationship is given equal opportunity - funny as that might sound, I feel like I can immerse myself more completely because of it.

So finally, thank you for this wonderful story. I know I'm a bit late in discovering it, but no less appreciative!
Teldra chapter 21 . 1/21/2011
Great story :)
Alex chapter 21 . 6/9/2010
I liked this story, though around the time they hit civilization I knew something was going to go down the drain when they were hesitant on accepting the jobs offered to them. Then Chapter 16 I had to keep walking away from my computer and returning so i could get though it. I didnt like it very much, it was... how do I put it... out of place almost, I would have maybe liked it more if I had more insight on the troubles they had that pushed them away from each other. So for me it was like reading Twilight again where I was forcing myself to continue reading. Of course once I hit the chapter where they decided to work on the fairy tale I was enraptured by the story again. I am sorry I am not good at explaining why the civilization chapters affected me like that, but it did. I emailed you so if you want to talk so I can try to explain myself better please do so!

Umm... what else was I going to say before the dessert heat got to my head. Right! Last chapter didn't like it oddly. I think was was expecting something different. Yes I know I should explain myself in here but its 3.35 in the morning! Give a guy a break will ya! You can always email me back and ask me to tell you WHY i didnt like the parts I did.

God I am rambling now. I liked the story, I loved the beginning BEFORE they entered civilization more, probably because they were finding themselves and then disliked civilization because they lost themselves!

*almost falls off the bed* Damn! I need sleep, sorry. really do Love your writings though I cant wait to get started on the next story tomorrow!

neeree chapter 21 . 5/25/2010
Wow, this feels like I've been immersed in a whole new universe. It was surprisingly simple but unique, you don't see that a lot anymore. I liked how different stories merged throughout but how the beginning and the end were still about Tris and Tay.

I will admit that the part of the story when they journey to civilization was my favorite. The rest was interesting and more provocative as far as thinking about issues of segregation, identity and racism went, but I personally liked the purely romantic aspects more :P
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