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anon chapter 1 . 5/27/2007
yiff in hell, furfag
Phantasmagorical chapter 17 . 5/13/2007
Hey there, just a curious inquiry about the next chapter. It's been awhile, so I was wondering what was up with ya? Everything okay and such? Or are you just spending a lot of time on this chapter?

Just curious, thought I'd ask.
Jaclyn chapter 18 . 4/21/2007

*jumps-spinning in circles* AWESOME lol -
Phantasmagorical chapter 18 . 4/18/2007
I'm running out of things to say about this story. I'll just leave it at amazing. I can't wait for this battle. It sounds like it's gonna be a real close shave as to who's gonna win.

Keep up the good work!

-Ray Bowman.
Jaclyn chapter 17 . 4/14/2007
awesome -
diebyownhands chapter 17 . 4/10/2007
I miss some of the cuteness. Still a wonderful story, though it seems that the Gordon and Teesah (sp) took the spotlight for a bit. Their story is also very good but I'm very attached to the wolf and Lamp (sheep, ram what is he now?).
Phantasmagorical chapter 17 . 4/10/2007
I really, really like where this story is going. You've opened up so many possibilities with just this one chapter. So many adventurous opportunities just begging to happen. I really like these Desert Hares. They bring some serious variety to the story. Not that it was lacking variety in the first place, though...

Things are gonna get dangerous it sounds like, though. What with T&T heading back to Town. The Akkelahn inventing the crossbow, then sharing it with the Desert Hares. I'm wondering if they'll go to war against the coyotes to take back their homeland. But that seems like an entire another story. What with the enormous size of the coyotes population I'm sure it wouldn't be an easy bout. I'm just rambling though.

"It was like a story-book – where the author left out the less appetizing parts - the ugly parts, and the boring details of every-day life - and only told the good stuff."

That made me chuckle. You're just such a good story teller. It makes me a little envious. Good work, all the way.
hesfb chapter 17 . 4/10/2007
"Instead of falling, they found wings to fly"

omg, can you say squee?

i think the idea of an educational picture book was actually a really amazing one (well; i sure as hell didnt think of it :P) as it ties both of their professions and interests together so well into something that will, hopefully, 'do good'. i should stop gushing; i do realise drawing their talents together was probably your intention- it just struck me as a really clever way to do it.

i also loved this:

“We Spirit-Talkers actually speak with the dead! You don't believe in Spirits?”

“Uhm... we're getting on tricky ground here, Lee. Have you spoken with the dead?”

“No – I am only an apprentice...”

“Ah. Well, when you do, be sure and tell me about it, okay? Maybe you can make a believer out of me.”

HAHAHAHA. awesome. nice bit of religious commentary and all. i really like how -even though its fantasy- their world seems real through the parallels that can be drawn to this one. that probably sounds silly but im kinda used to reading fantasy that starts normal and then spirals into complete wtf territory. im sure you know what i mean.

i need to stop reviewing this story. :P i swear ive never given so many for one story! (in fact i normally never bother to review, bad reader that i am)

anyway; longest review ever :S but as ever; i love your story *strokes ego*

hesfb chapter 4 . 4/7/2007





I thank you for such smutty goodness. I dont really mind that its not a smutty story; as it is so GOOD- its just that your smuts so perfectly hawt. :P

haha I love that line- "Oh my g- Taylor? How the hell am I supposed to get THAT down?"


(sqes silently)

hesfb chapter 16 . 4/6/2007
aw. I love the endnote. though I did nearly cry when they broke up (I thought; what a horrid author, how could you be so cruel as to make the poor sheepie have sex with multiple people :P) BUT after finishing the chapter I realised, as im sure you are meant to, that the breakup was necessary for them -and in particular Taylor- to mature and whatnot.

longest sentance ever that.

excellent chapture though. so many tension hooks. :P

I do hope there is another couple of chapters yes? Am I right in that this is nearing the end?

I could be wrong.

which would make me perfectly happy. anyway; GOOD JOB. and you know what next chapter needs; make up smut (im such a smut-whore) I apologise.
Phantasmagorical chapter 16 . 4/6/2007
Aw, it's sad to see Taylor growing up and Tristan and him growning apart...

Good thing they got back together in the same chapter! Phew!

I'll just wait to see where this story heads.

Will you add some information on where Roma came from, perhaps? I'm a little curious on whether you've thought about that sort of thing.
Jaclyn chapter 15 . 4/1/2007
aw, ehehehehe i love this story -
hesfb chapter 15 . 3/31/2007
aw... what a lurrvely bit of ending squishyness :P

"everybody found squirrels sexy. It was all that fluffy tail that did it."


its strange (ive obviously never thought about squirrels as being sexy) but it really really works. so well in fact that im tempted to draw a picture of amy and her luxurious tale :P

so congrats on another plotpacked smutlite(c) chapter!

Phantasmagorical chapter 15 . 3/31/2007
Okay so, chapter 15, is really great. It's really quitei nteresting, but I have to comment on two things. (1) You named the squirrel Amy, which is so typical. P

And (2) "Silly rabbit - tricks are for kids." LMAO!

You're my favorite writer now. No doubt about it...

But I have to ask, this isn't the end is it? Please tell me this isn't the end! I love reading this story. I don't want it to end. *Huff* I always get so sad when a good story ends.
diebyownhands chapter 15 . 3/31/2007
aw bunny man's plans have changed.

This story has surely evolved from the first chp. It's pretty sweet watching the characters change and grow.
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