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toxic-noodle725 chapter 5 . 2/26/2007
finally some action. interesting names u got. but who am i to talk, my friends call me refer. hee. so anyway, i would've smashed a vase before i left. wouldve been fun
cool bean chapter 5 . 2/26/2007
yay! saved by coral! it's so weird how viper just met siam for a little bit but is already helping her run away and stuff. viper seems kinda suspicious... and alot of people in this story have unusual names kinda like the natural born :) anyways very very interesting storyy
codyismypup chapter 5 . 2/26/2007
Omg. The damn vases. I have a vase in my house! Is she gonna come after me...or it? Haha, I'm a bit paranoid because I saw the number 23 yesterday. M...all those guys...ew. There won't be a gang rape, will there? Cause that is not cool. And he lives with boys? Is it like an orphanage, or something? Do their parents beat them? 0.o The horror! So Viper wants Siam to be the onethside girl?

And Hey! We americans are not that lazy! We just say things differently than you full sentencers. We don't say can't like cahn't and stuff so :p my history teacher just tells us that England or wherever is an interesting place to live. Then he likes to whack us with a ruler. Just kidding. Although my 4th grade (I STILL don't understand your school system) teacher did throw chairs and lift me up upsidedown. It was very disconcerting. Stupid teachers.

Why are you ruining the image of snakes with these weirdos? Okay, I'm lying. Snakes are...not on my good side. I saw Snakes on a Plane recently so...I have got to stop watching all these damn movies!

Um, how do you guys organize the story together? Do you say, I write this chapter and you write that (everything in my mind is now spoken in an english accent) or do you write them together?

Oh cokebottles! Look how freaking (my mind is saying bloody. Make it stop!) long this thing is. I'm gonna, like, totally go because, like, I don't have, like, anything else to, like, say. Like.

Did that like the girls at my school. So yes. Some of us sadly do talk like that because they have brains the size of an overfashioned chipmunk. And they're not that cute.

Blah. bye

Shake Hips Not Fists chapter 5 . 2/26/2007
Bah! This is so interesting and blah. Blah in a good way. You guys are so creative and I'm wondering who this monster of a person Falcon is. You gotta wonder if he has a hawk like nose. :)

Well keep up the lurvely work. :)
Shake Hips Not Fists chapter 1 . 2/26/2007
I'm looking forward to reading more of the future chapters because both of you are creative. The beginning seems a bit eerie and I think that that was the mood you guys were aiming for? Well, keep up the great work! :)
Liviania chapter 5 . 2/25/2007
I love the taco. Seriously, if I knew a place that would sell me tacos at midnight, I'd so be there. I love tacos in general.

Darn you FasTaco for closing at a reasonable hour. And all you other Mexican places.

Trapped Rabbit IN DA HOUSE chapter 5 . 2/25/2007
You know what I think is going on? Viper -is- having his way with Mr. Fuzzyboomboom and so is his "ardent eyed" friend, Le Freakee. Lyre knows this because he walked in on them once, said, "OH MY!" and is now black mailing Viper and Sick Co. by getting the barrel full of cookies. The mum knows this but won't say anything to Siam about it because Mr. Fuzzyboomboom is the reincarnate of her dead Spaniard Lover who she had a wild affair with a long, long time ago. Oh, that and she's involved in a spoon prostitution ring (OH THE HUMANITY!). Siam knows all this but isn't letting on because her parents, she knows, are keeping their eyes on her via the mind controlling daywalker vampires and Hitler's elusive race of Aryans. So she can't go to the police because she knows that she will be implicated in the spoon prosition ring, and she can't go to jail again after all those times she burned down houses using rags, spoons, petrol and... I suppose, fire, although that was never mentioned. Oh, and Lyre is like secretly an old man-midgetmajig but hides it really well (like Johnny Depp) by, like, I don't know... Drinking lots of wine and eating only spiced onion doo-doo-hickeys (how wrong does that sound? I didn't mean poo love bites, by the way, I meant... You know, like thingamijigs. Wow how many i dotty things in one thingamijig). Oh, an just for La Icing on the cake, The cookies have weed in them exported from the SPOON PROSTITUION CAPITOL OF THE WORLD, AMSTERDAM.

Oh, and just by the by, I got in trouble today for helping promote learning by singing, "Learn, Baby, Learn, Disco Inferno!" in RE. How fucked up is that? I get into trouble for not being enthusiastic enough, and then when I show a bit of enthusiasm, suddenly I am the worst most despicable blasphemical student to ever grace the school grounds. I mean, the hippocricy of it all... And it's not like I did it in an important subject either. They said I was disrupting everyone's learning when all I was doing was nuturing it within them through the majestical medium of song. So I've got detention for a week and my dad is all, "I PUT YOU THROUGH PRIVATE SCHOOL FOR THIS?"

Oh, and I also got into trouble from my French teacher earlier this week for speaking to her in "Frenchian" as I like to call it. It's just basically the same as how people speak poser-french, except you put Les in front of ever noun, eg, "Put Les iPod down and do your Les work, you Les Lesbian."

Some days...

Shitcake. Look how long this review is.

Ok, I'm Outtie. Piece x.
Slideshow chapter 5 . 2/25/2007

coral is a faggish name. no duh. no duh. hes gonna rape her now. "oh, come to the house. COME TO THE HOUSE." yeah shur. what a liar. meet the boys so we can have a lovefest. where oh where is ron weasley, i say. this is what i say.

i say team ron weasley. oh shit i lohvv teams.

and lyre! that backwards person. she should have locked him in the cage. locked his mom in there too. some hardkore hankYpanky.

like ur incest books kelli you perv. but like my books too ):

naff is too busy reading some romance books called hawthorne heights or something. hawthorne legacy! something devilishly fruity. hi naff, i lust you.

ps/. i changed my preference, kids. now i like guys who just hit puberty. i do. i like them alot. theyre all young and... easily manipulated. I LIKE THEM YOUNG. im almost 18. so i guess that makes me a perv too. & that sucks bad. cause i hate being like kelli. shes a bad influence.


i do. i hope they capture her, toss her into the cage and do unimaginable things. thats your forte, naff. i know you love sadistik kinkiness. uptown sadistik kinkiness. lolololol.

k, im gone. im out.



thats me. im too cool now. i say things like i gotta bounce know. stuff like hit me back just to chat.

you know how i roll ;)
Queenjewel44 chapter 1 . 2/25/2007
loved it! I am so happy that you both are working together.
Lady Wrye chapter 5 . 2/25/2007
Thank goodness she's leaving that crazy house!
Slideshow chapter 4 . 2/24/2007
no LOL. L-O-L, guys. that wasnt my real review. i had you guys there didnt i. didnt i. DIDNT I. -self indulgent chortle. (see, i used the word chortle. i can use new words too, kelz. i can) btw i was sitting here all freakin out cause your dumb chapter wouldnt load. IT WOULDNT LOAD AND I HAD TO TRY FIVE TIMES AND IT PISSED ME OFF. IT PISSED ME OFF LIKE HELL.

just so you know.

oh and all these people updated on mah fav list updated and i didnt even know. DIDNT EVEN KNOW. it makes me angry. how come i never knew. how come i had to log onto fictionpress and find out the hard way. sometimes life is so unfair. your cue to relate naff.

okokok on with the chapter.

GOOD. IM GLAD SIAM IS EMBARRASED. i hope vipers friend ron doesnt like her anymore. & im not him you piece of hobo trash. i am lyres mothaa. get it right.

lyre needs to be crucified and taken to sunday school. SUNDAY SCHOOL DGLJGDS im such a genius. MAKE HIM GO TO SUNDAY SCHOOL. all holy and stuff. all non perverto and stuff. and stuff.

wtf. WTF.F.F.F.F tell viper to back off. ron weasely is siams man that stupid fuk. -vases crash, screams in the background- "oho! lets go for a walk!" stupid backward mofo. can you bring ronny back. i want ronn to save her. i do. i want him to be zorro. i want him to be amazing.

"Whats your name?"


"No, it should be Amy Zing."


"Cause you're A-mazing."

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH. & i didnt make it up. I DIDNT. I DIDNT. no really... ): i didnt. it really happened. dont make me feel bad. its not my fault im so amazing. like so, so should ron.

oh and viper is the devils spawn cause that moment of epiphany about the spoon freeked me out, kids. it did. it just did.

Queenjewel44 chapter 4 . 2/23/2007
This is way cool! to great writers coming together and writing a great story. please update.
circuses chapter 4 . 2/20/2007
You guys are weird. In an incredibly intriguing way.

Do the cookies contain speed? Why Siam hasn't run run RUN away as fast as she can is baffling to me. As is the fact that she hasn't yet employed violence on that creepy lecherous little boy. I HATE creepy little boys. Heh, have they actually studied any maths or science yet? Anyway. INTRIGUED. Keep it up!
First of the Geeks chapter 4 . 2/19/2007
Pretty chapter! Creepy kid! Hot guy! Metaphores all over the place! Cookies! Spoons! Black AND white shirts! Strange things!

All these things combined make for a good/interesting/(insert adjective here) story.

Good job, ya'll. Good job.

-gives a thumbs up with a gaint thumb. JUST BECAUSE SHE CAN-
Trishcbury chapter 4 . 2/19/2007
This is so eery and addicting... i can't stop reading it.
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