Reviews for The Online Chat Room
jeshickah chapter 8 . 3/24/2007
hey i lke the story really good keep at it ok
Esquirella chapter 8 . 3/21/2007
Is there something weird going on with Zach?
Esquirella chapter 7 . 3/12/2007
I hope Talon resurfaces. I dunno why, but I liked that guy. August seems cool, too, though.
yuzu-farewell chapter 3 . 3/12/2007
Ok, so i still have to read the rest, but all of a sudden its like a brick in my hands, i have to start writing chapter two for my story.

I like this, gay guys are kinda my thing.. well, for friends anyway...

Yuzu .
Aquarian Angel 2790 chapter 2 . 3/11/2007
haha i know a girl kinda like jessica. she almost killed me cuz i made a ring on her coffee table. i ran fast that day...

well i didnt say in my last review but im no good at constuctive critism so ill just say im interested and u've sucked me in.
Aquarian Angel 2790 chapter 1 . 3/11/2007
well this has my attention. i wonder how this is gonna work out.

eggsbenni221 chapter 5 . 3/11/2007
wow, a new boy. Interesting. Hope to read more soon!
Esquirella chapter 6 . 3/7/2007
Did Justin tell Talon he sent him the wrong pic yet? (Sorry, I get confused sometimes.)
Esquirella chapter 5 . 2/22/2007
I like this story very much!
Jessi 'Pixie' Watson chapter 4 . 2/15/2007
i decided to be nice and review for you!

i really like so far, except for fact that he keeps getting drunk (alcohol is against my morals) but its still a good story, Talon is a very cool name.

please put more up!
Green Eyed Pixie chapter 4 . 2/12/2007
This is a really awesome story. It seems like such a more real situation than other slash stories. I love Justin, he's a really believable and intetresting character, but i feel so sorry for him! There MUST be some other gay boys around, but i want him and Talon to work out ]. Seriously good story, hope you update soon.
star chapter 3 . 2/8/2007
interesting story, i'll be looking forward to your next chapter _
eggsbenni221 chapter 3 . 2/2/2007
Aww, don't give up. The reviews will come around. Meanwhile, definitely keep writing! I want to see more of that guy Justin talked to in the chatroom. Damn, what was him name? Can't remember. They need to run into each other just randomly, or...I don't know, but the meeting between them should be completely beyond normal. Don't listen to me though. It's your story.

P.S thanks for checking out my stuff. I saw your review, and it made me smile.
X Enigma chapter 3 . 2/2/2007
Thanks for the review. I can't appreciate HET however nicely written, so I stumbled upon this story. It's funny how his two girl-friends haven't noticed he's gay, considered the fact that women like those are supposed to have a gay-dar. Haha.
Sure as the Dawn chapter 3 . 1/31/2007
Hola! Ya now, 'fuck' seems to be Justin's favorite word to use. Not that it's bad or anything! Just letting ya know just in case every word that he utters becomes 'fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck'. Get my point? Ok then. Update soon. ;)
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