Reviews for Fragments
In Darkest Night chapter 6 . 8/19/2007
Those who wish the least to know the future, are most often gifted with the curse. Nightmares one cannot unravel, most often. Vague impressions that isolate even as they slowly kill.

I like how the middle stanzas appear to be reference to futuristic technology, the culmination of a race hell bent on messy self destruction. "'where have all the flowers gone?'"

It is hard to offer critiques for poetry, because one cannot rightfully say one is allowed to do such and such when expression themselves. Yet, hopefully, in the absence of an actual thought proccess...conveying that I am touched (and utterly floored) replaces well enough.
In Darkest Night chapter 5 . 8/19/2007
I love this.

What is happiness if there is no pain? Can one feel content, if one never feels unbalanced? Is 'white' truly existant, without a 'black?'

It is the human nature to question - "That the asking is pointless/And laugh and laugh when you don't see." - though very few understand or accept the answers they are given.

Black can make one cry with fear, unknown, or grief. But white can also inspire tears, in just being so damn bright.
In Darkest Night chapter 3 . 8/19/2007
Thinking too much of thinking. Second guessing, and exhausting topics, and convincing the mind at the same time - that igloos can be made of grass, that time is a concept: both of which are true, with some wiggle room for reality. Anything is possible.

In the human quest for catagorizing and understanding the world, a few appear to see these rules, and then never understand how humans can think they are rules or in control in the least.

"Am I missing things?/I like to think I'm just looking at them"

And this review probablly makes as much sense as the poem, but it's honestly what first comes to mind.