Reviews for Fear
Femaleking chapter 1 . 2/13/2007
Interesting points you've made. I disagree with a few things you've said, though. I don't believe you should try to accept fear and get over it and move on. If you take away fear, you take away the basic instincts of survival. Fear induces the 'fight or flight' reflex that could save your life. Also, I don't think people don't like fear because it's animalistic and primal - fear is a bad thing to feel because it means that there's something to be afraid of. It means that something is terribly, terribly wrong. It usually means you're in danger. And that's why it's such a sickening feeling.

But I do love your last two lines. I also think about pointless things far too much (as you can probably tell by the first part of my review XD). But, as you say, 'that's the point.' I just love that.

And BTW, thanks for the review reply - it made me laugh. I don't know why you liked my review of your other story so much, but as long as it pleases you. XD And thank you for favouriting my story 'Divinity Syndrome'.
Sir Scott chapter 1 . 1/29/2007
There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Not really for sure what made me think about that while reading this but this was a pretty good piece. And women are more evil than men.

Although, I should not say that, because we evolved in a politically correct manner.

Mayleena chapter 1 . 1/24/2007
HEAR HEAR! (is that how you spell here for that? HMM...

Oh, well, this makes perfect sense. . .i totally agree. . .about fear and anger and all that stuff and that just rambling on and on and on and on just help. . .yeah. . .Keep up the totally awesome work!
Johnathen Braun chapter 1 . 1/22/2007
I never knew ants took prisoners. Six legged POW's