Reviews for Sayonara, Universe
Written chapter 1 . 2/27/2008
beautiful, beautiful work. seriously, I love the parallels you draw between his life and space and just. wow. seriously, just wow.

thank you for writing.
One Desire chapter 1 . 6/23/2007
Wow. Just wow.
EnigmaticArsenic chapter 1 . 2/17/2007
This is beautiful and that's all I'm gonna say. I had an entirely long rant on how much I loved it, but all the words fall insufficient. It's gorgeous just the way it is.

Just one note:

[Her fangs were barred.] Is it barred or bared you were going for? because either can work, but are of completely different meanings. so just making sure it's not a typo. lol.
Under the Stars chapter 1 . 2/12/2007
Oh my God, that was beautiful. (Just to prove my point, I hate "saying the Lord's name in vain." It makes me cringe most of the time. So you know this must be special.) Truly beautiful. And you reviewed one of my stories? The honour. Honestly.

The way you got into the Leonard's head... it was amazing. The facts are stated as facts, without any sort of opinion or personal bias on the character's part to them. It's muted, it's so simply stated that you would think it's impersonal, but in such a personal way.

"Leonard floated through space. He felt the weightlessness of his thoughts—as if they had no substance. And yet, his heart was heavy. "

Another thing I loved were the small connections to his outer reality; for example, Leanord floating through space. He is, literally, but (maybe I overreached or you didn't mean to make this connection) his thoughts are too, they're weightless in this gravitational pull that is constantly bringing them back to the center.

"He was empty, drawing in worlds he wasn’t ready for."

The constant reference to space made it that much more interesting. The black hole that is his regret. Everything.

Honestly, this is so short and wonderfully written that I can't think of any criticisms at the moment. I now understand why so many say you're amazing. There's just nothing like experiencing it and knowing it first hand.
super happy nuclear girl chapter 1 . 2/10/2007
This story was amazing. When I was reading it I felt like I was reading something important, I don't know how to describe it but I felt like I had to soak it all up and remember it.

I love how you use space to describe his emotions, the black hole and the big star of Something To Happen. I especially adore the opening paragraph and the bit describing his best friend. It was lush, your words seem to have liquid quality about them that make them easy to read, the kind that roll over your tongue. I love how you have made a story and two characters that seem to have so much life about them in just a one-shot. Most people take chapters and chapters to create what you've written.

Your dialogue is so fluid as well. I always have such trouble with it, because it’s always so rigid and unrealistic. But yours is so natural. You use all these words to describe something so simple and it’s really, really wonderful.

My favourite bit is this

'“Your sex makes my toes curl and my heart jump, but I…” She was trailing a wet slop of kisses all over his face. “All of you makes all of me feel selfish..."'

It’s just so full of emotion and heart that it was quite breathtaking.

Im rambling now, but you get the idea. I loved it, its going on my favourite list :)

Really, honestly, never stop writing.
bb chapter 1 . 2/8/2007
very good read!
Nghi chapter 1 . 2/8/2007
You know it's a good story when it's 12:40, and I'm still here, reading this.

This is an amazing piece, period. I don't know why you didn't post this on your other account, but it doesn't matter, because the point is that you posted it, it was amazing, and I am angry that no one else is reviewing your awesome shit. Stupid losers who like their emoxhc stories. Which aren't even hardxcore, either. It's mostly a bunch of windbags who whine, rofl.

Anyways. I just wanted to say how amazing this was. Seriously. I'm not even joking or kidding of guffawing as I write this. (Not that I do. Unless you count that exchange between be and balletslippers on livejournal, where we were posting "celebrity pictures" of our character. lmao I chose bananas for Jet.)

Leonard is such a poor, simple soul. It's ridiculous how you characterized him so well in such a short amount of time. He's got such a nice, perfect life, and he doesn't want any of it. Instead, he wants the imperfect whatever-her-name is, and it's so nice to see that inner turmoil, even after all these years.

And not even that, but he uses her to lament on how much of a... I don't want to say coward, but it's the best word I can't think of a better word at one in the morning.

Favorite line: "He stared at her, wide-eyed, devastated, and only partially flattered." Amazing. Made me smile and giggle, because I had this vision of a man whose reality smacked him in the face. Like, "WHAT. You LIED to me? Well, thank you for saying that, but... our friendship was a lie?" I mean, for someone who's been in love with his best friend for a long time, you'd think that Leonard would jump at the chance to go for her.

But instead, he just holds back, and I think he's afraid that if he ever took that leap with her, he wouldn't know where to go from there. Which was why he was reminiscing while the ship was being pulled into a black hole.

I don't know. I feel like this review does no justice to the story at all. I'm rambly at one in the morning, and I do apologize, but I've got to say that out of all the stories you've written, THIS one's probably my most favorite. It's... it's so much emotions and perspective into this story, and I don't think the magazines would reject you if you sent this. They SHOULDN'T reject you, because this piece feels like you could definitely analyze it, break it down, catch all the parallelisms and the meanings.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it stands out as a very intellectual piece to me, something that probes much deeper, and that is ridiculously hard to find on a site like this. Good job, seriously. I'mma go and pimp this story on FP_review now, if you don't mind.

NovaLight chapter 1 . 1/24/2007
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Good write. Definitely. Especially the ending is somehow giving me the chills.