Reviews for Dear Mommy
not the only deleted account chapter 1 . 1/27/2007
A bit disorganized, but I could feel the emotions pouring off of it!

I understand those feelings all too well. My mom doesn't seem to approve of me either.

Don't ever change yourself for approval. Because you should just be honest with yourself and others, be yourself and even if everyone doesn't like you for it, someone will. Because there is always someone in the world who will truly accept you and will understand you and listen.

I hope your relations with your mom improve! I'd be suprised if this didn't touch her!
Callisto Jean chapter 1 . 1/26/2007
Don't ever EVER change for one person to sacrifice your happiness so they can be satisified with themselves. By doing that, you're not being selfish. You're just being yourself. It's hard to come by people who are like that. Those peolple are worth getting to know, valuing, trusting. If they can't accept you, it's their problem, not yours. They're at fault and not you.

Sorry about that. Couldn't help but tell you.

Did you actually give this to your mom? Maybe if you gave it to your mom, your relationship would get better. If this doesn't touch her, I don't know what will. It has a lot of powerful emotions inside it. Even if it's a little disorganized, I can see your confusion and distress within it. It was all very moving.