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lizzeril chapter 28 . 9/5/2007
finally, another chapter! it's been a really, really, really long time. but still, i'm glad you updated. this chapter is also great. it was so sweet of oliver for giving elizabeth a present. update soon!
ithinkimae chapter 28 . 9/4/2007
great chapter! i thought there'd be a little something more between Elizabeth and Oliver, but i hope the next chapter delivers on that.
Caylei chapter 28 . 9/4/2007
Yay! Another long awaited chapter! I can never find any fault with the story, gramatically or spelling wise, which makes the story even more wonderful because it shows how much time you put into it!

wow. she told Peggy? I wonder how she helps? It's good that Elizabeth got that off of her shoulders, but still, wow. How will that turn out still? Need more!
fourstarbanner chapter 28 . 9/3/2007
Thank you, thank you, thank you for updating! :D What a wonderful chapter!
Michelle Habibi chapter 28 . 9/3/2007
Oliver is so sweet! and this gift-exchanging has certainly given another meaning to their relationship, it has made it stronger, in a way. Im glad peggy found out instead of someone else like the parents or even Lucy. i dont think they'd understand and bcuz of that might make the relationship end sooner, and thus the story too. which would be too bad bcuz i really like it. hope you update soon!

best laid plans chapter 28 . 9/3/2007
School hasn’t even started for me and it’s still using up all my free time. Summer homework at its best, I suppose.

I was wondering why Oliver gave Elizabeth a New Year’s present, but I wasn’t complaining when he did. What a sweetheart, worrying she wouldn’t like the soaps.

To say that the conversation they had about their relationship was awkward is an understatement. They were both so blunt! I did love, however, how you added Elizabeth’s begging for Oliver not to mention “this love”. She’s hopeless but completely interesting while being so.

Ahh, she told Peggy! What a brave girl. Elizabeth, her character, is growing, and I have no objections. I just wish I knew what she meant when Peggy was a wonderful ally. Peggy certainly has talents getting the men. I hope those talents are taught to Elizabeth!

You are absolutely right about reading and not reviewing being a waste. However, I’m guilty of doing so for the previous chapter. Time has been scarce lately and although I desperately wanted to take time to review, it just wasn’t possible.

I hope time allows you to update soon, though! I cannot wait to see what happens. As always, splendid chapter!

Jenny chapter 28 . 9/3/2007
I truly love your story and the way that you write! This has me absolutely spellbound! Please keep writing! I am glad that she told Peggy about Oliver and that she didn't put Oliver down or anything the way that James has in the past! Keep up the good work!
R.M.Whitaker chapter 28 . 9/3/2007
There now, New Years was the perfect solution! This whole chapter seemed very natural and it made my cry out "FINALLY!" beacause Elizabeth and Oliver finally just started really, truly communicating with each other! I hope to see much, much more of that in the future! And, I must say, I felt so relieved when Elizabeth told Peggy everything. Sisters are amazing, aren't they? Somehow they always seem to understand and they love you even when you tell them you've done something truly aweful and you feel like you don't deserve to be loved anymore.

One thing I noticed, though. At the begining of the chapter you wrote: "Not a child was saw out of doors" when it should have been "SEEN out of doors". And then in the second peragraph, in the second line up from the bottum, you wrote "We were talking of Boston, of James, of he and I" when it should actually have been "he and ME", because you wouldn't say "we were talking about I." But that's all I noticed. And I probably wouldn't have noticed it if it handn't been at the very begining, before I got completely sucked into the chapter ! :)

Excellent work, Renee!
Kindali Sidera chapter 28 . 9/3/2007
Wow, that is very suprising that they didn't celebrate Christmas! And you did a wondeful job on this chapter! I'm glad that Elizabeth finally has someone she to talk to! Please update soon! I cannot wait for you to do so!

Gabby chapter 28 . 9/3/2007
there is a lot of good stuff happening in this chapter. I fell in love with this phrase you had in the chapter, "wept down his neck..." ONG! I was going crazy! Wow. I could literally see the snow crying down Oliver's neck. Love it! Can't wait til the next chappie!
Elizabeth chapter 28 . 9/3/2007
"Thank you for all the wonderful reviews! I never know how I'm doing unless I get some response from you guys so please don't just read without reviewing. What a waste that is. Even if you really hate the story, just tell me why and I'll be forever grateful! Thank you all for reading! Bye!"

Now that was very cunning, lol. But it worked. *Makes mental note to try the same tactic sometime if necessary* LOL!

Well, I've read this story from the start - actually, I've been a fan of your work for quite some time. Since The St. James Sisters, I think. I've never taken the time to review, though, no matter how much I enjoyed your work (I've always felt a little like an outsider here since I don't have an account.) But I figured when I read your Author's Note that I really should leave a review, because this story is so excellent, longtime fans - of all people - just shouldn't be silent!

I can definitely say that, while I have enjoyed many of your past writings very much, this is definitely your finest work. It's remarkable, and I truly believe it belongs on the shelves.

The description is incredible. I write myself, and I love to describe - it is, perhaps, my favorite aspect of writing, and I'm always amazed at how people perceive life and translate it into words, because so often it's something I would never think of in a million years, though I'm one of those "perceivers" as well. And that's one of the reasons why reading your story is so entrancing, because the description is often so clever. The one that always stands out in my mind among others is your comparison of the raindrops streaming down the window to ladies strolling about in the street - brilliant.

The plot of this story is good, and though the basics of the tale aren't new to the world at all, you pull it off really well and give it a fresh feeling and deeper meaning. The characters in this story are wonderful - wonderfully flawed, that is. I love how they don't always do just as they should - how they might regret their actions the next day, for the rest of their lives, even. You can't always say the perfect thing at the perfect time - and writers have to remember that their characters are human and life is life (even in a storybook.) You seem to have mastered that quite well.

And even though the basic plot of this story is familiar (it can be applied to hundreds of different situations, really), I truly have no idea how it is all to end up. I'm hopeful (for if Peggy can be of help, surely she does?) that things will turn out well for our favorite meek Bostonian and British soldier, but I have a nagging feeling that the ending might not be as perfect as I hope.

Anyway, I know how it is with school, but I hope you can get a new chapter done soon! This story is wonderful, charming - and yet it just doesn't stray from the truth, whether from the realities of life to historical accuracy. I loved this last chapter - especially when Oliver gave her those gifts for New Year's! I adored that scene and couldn't help smiling - so sweet! Anyway, keep up the good work and please write more as soon as you can find the inspiration and time for it! :)
LeenElle chapter 28 . 9/3/2007
I loved this chapter! So cute that he bought her New Years gifts, and that he'd been saving his wages :) I'm glad she told Peggy too...of all her family I think she is the most likely to help her, instead of turn up her nose about the British thing. I honestly don't know where you find the little historical tidbits! I looked and looked for anything about the American Revolution when I was writing my stories, and didn't find half the stuff you found! And now, working on my Civil War book, I'm having the same problem, I can only find a thing or two here or there! You must have very good researching skills! With all that said! Excellent chapter! Can't wait to read the rest!
Sahara Hayden chapter 28 . 9/3/2007
So Elizabeth finally cracked. Poor girl. At least she spilt it all to Peggy and not to James or her parents. I wonder how Peggy will help her. The gifts were so sweet, too! Excellent, excellent chapter.
euphorictragedy chapter 28 . 9/3/2007
Wow, she just spilled everything to Peggy? Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before she snapped. You can't suppress stuff like that forever. At least she'll help them. I remember hearing something about how christmas was banned but I wasn't sure what years. Please update soon!
de wolf chapter 28 . 9/3/2007
good ol romantic Peggy. lol.

as usual, loved your descriptions.
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