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sylenctone chapter 16 . 9/13/2007
Well that is an interesting development. I can see that Edouard and Kieran will have some tough times ahead, but surely the removal of Imbario is an excellent first step. Though he saved their lives, I think the other wizards will continue to have doubts and fears about Kieran, especially as his powers grow and he learns new skills. And honestly, I am not so sure we've seen the last of Imbario. Imprisonment is not so sure as death. I am really looking forward to the next chapter. This story is wonderfully creative and well thought out. I truly enjoy your writing. Thank you for sharing it with the world.


Sylenctone (your loyal fangirl)
sylenctone chapter 15 . 9/6/2007
Hah! I am so glad that blackguard was caught! Now if only they can make the charges stick. I am worried that he will find some sneaky way of getting out of them. I'm also concerned for Kieran now that they all know what he is capable of. I'm afraid that the Wizard's Hall will fear his powers and do something rash. I am also concerned for Edouard, his anger could prove his undoing.

This was an excellent chapter! Keep up the wonderful work and Thank you for writing!


Your ever worried fangirl,


(Now I'm off to read your other updates! Yay!)
sylenctone chapter 14 . 9/3/2007
This is excellent. Thank you for letting me know that you'd continued the story. Your writing style, plot, and characterization really make the tale come alive. I love the growing relationship between Edouard and Kieran, and the almost paternal relationship between Kieran and Colwyn. I was quite surprised to learn of Colwyn's relationship to Imbario. It puts a distinct twist on everything and it seems that this is not necessarily common knowledge. I'm concerned that Imbario will not resign gracefully. I am, as always, eagerly awaiting your next update. Thank you for writing and sharing your work with everyone!


Jessy (aka sylenctone)

Loyal fan of nearly all your works
kurisu-chan18 chapter 1 . 8/21/2007
this story is awesome, i love it! please continue writing. i was overjoyed to discover that you had stories on sites other than thank you very much for sharing your stories and ideas.

Wakka02 chapter 13 . 8/11/2007
Great story, good plot and great language. The way you use english is pretty good, far better than most fictions I've seen. There's something that puts me off in a sentence with grammatical, punctuation and all sorts of terrible errors.

The plot is astonishingly good too, very original and creative. A lot of stories just build off or directly copy other stories, and I'm happy to note yours isn't like that. If I must say though, there's far too much dialogue in this. It started out fine, but as the story progressed through the chapters dialogue grew more and more frequent. Half the chapters are dialogue now. I don't know, it might just be me, but maybe less dialogue would make it much more readable.

Otherwise, the story's great. Hope you update sometime soon, definitely gonna keep my eye on this one! :)
juz-crys chapter 12 . 7/30/2007
very, very well written story. one of the best i've read so far. keep up the good job. you've got my attention on this piece.

kind of realised that the two boys are getting a little close, might wanna consider changing the story's rating if the story is bordering on yaoi..
RahXephon chapter 11 . 7/18/2007
You've written a great read. I especially admire the professional writing skill. The story and setting are only mildly original, but it is captivating nonetheless. Though I'm 100 percent homophobe, I'm not that disturbed if the two boys ever get involved. It's actually quite heartwarming.
Sandster chapter 10 . 6/16/2007
A fantastic story thus far. I do hope you're inclined to continue, as I find myself wonderfully lost in the world and characters you've created. A job well done.
SequinPurse chapter 9 . 6/13/2007
This is *so* good, it's like a book or something... Awesome, wish I could write this well _

Heh, it even has that one relationship in it that is always rather ambiguous. I don't think you'll turn the Kieran/Edouard interaction into anything romantic but I can't help seeing it that way. (Since I noticed your other story involves a gay romance.) Of course, if it stays platonic I won't mind and would most likely read to the end to see what happens, just because I like it and fantasy has always been one of my weaknesses :)
In Darkest Night chapter 8 . 4/10/2007
I suppose the guards get ladies running away all the time...I do so wonder if they might play both sides, and give away the women for a reward from their fathers or betrothed.

Heston has issues. Really. I feel sorry for his people with such a weak king. Though I suppose it is something that he is not a heartless bastard. And his character IS unique...normally his role is filled by the weepy mother always putting on airs.

Colwyn knows something, hmm? Interesting...

Divwall's powers are interesting, as well, lol. That must be useful, when keeping out intruders and the like...

This entire chapter has the feel of a...scrap book, almost. Each "page" one of the sections, with a "picture" and slight description. Over all, though, this entire story seems as a puzzle, each new chapter giving the reader pieces about various characters to apply, filling in the blanks randomly as we read.

This story is growing on me, rapidly, and I am happy Edouard managed to get outside, and actually EXPERIENCE it, once in his life. I would have expected his character to be whiny and/or morose...though I guess having your own private mage definitly helps with the outdoor experience. I bet they don't even have to worry about bugs.

Is it just me or do Landon and Justus seem to be chronic vallium users and way too knowledgable for a servant? Even or especially one in the Prince's service. Are they some kind of plant by Fate (I have no doubt, the little trip would be a disaster if it had been just Kieran or Edouard) or am I reading too much into them...?
In Darkest Night chapter 5 . 4/10/2007
Dun, dun, dun. The plot thickens. Sort of. However, I find it hilarious that almost no one likes Imbario, yet somehow the cheating bastard managed to beguile a king, without anyone stopping him when he COULD be stopped. His character is a convenient antagonist, sure, and, by the gods, a smart one as well? Amazing. No little annoying, as well. Is the man's only motivation in life the holding of his position? Has he no designs on the king's title? Maybe being a Shadow Ruler? Why did he make the rash choice to off poor little upstart servant apprentice Kieran instead of maybe converting and using his powers? Frankly, I am disapointed in the rest of the King's council and the other wizards, for allowing Imbario his influential post. Blind, one and all. He may be powerful, but whats one against ten or more of moderate-to-high talent and power?

Aista has designs of a not-so-negative-type on Colwyn? Interesting...

Aww, Kieran would die for Edouard? Sweet. They don't even know each other yet...Though I think I'd rather prefer Kieran LIVED for Edouard.

Anyways...This story is sending two tones, for me anyways. One: rushed, in places. Two: sped up, in places. The feeling of a diary, some entries are packed full of information and emotion, some have a more meaningless feel, a record.

It's an interesting, slow, approach to a fantasy story that I don't think I have EVER seen. I really am looking foreward to when all this carefully cultivated placancy collapses. See what happens. If it does, that is...
Callitha chapter 1 . 3/20/2007
Very well written first chapter, professional quality! I like how you balance description and action. The setting is very clear at the beginning of the chapter, but when Lord Machura finds Kieran it is unclear where he is. I assume outside, but at the edge of the forest? or perhaps on the road? That can be described as he falls onto the ground perhaps. I suggest clarifying the storm there as well, as I did not know it was there until the wizard said so at the end.
Alteng chapter 7 . 3/16/2007
Although I say that I will not come back to a story without the favor reviewed, I can't help it (and you update on Friday morning . . . my day off). Kieran reminds me too much of Galen. He's so sweet.

I like the beginning of this chapter with the decussion of the blood. Sefrin is a sharp on for a medieval setting. Still, anything is possible in a fantasy world.

You write Sefrin well in this argument, and you are still able to maintain some narrow mindedness with him. It is a hard line to walk. Sefrin seems to be a man of science only, whereas Imbario is a man of magic only.

Somehow I am not surprised that Imabrio has Madrin bone powder. What does it do for him. Keeps him youthful for the the time being? He will be very eager to get more once he runs out.

I take it that Imbario is sensing the unintentional power of Kieran. Of course, I cannot imagine what good Kieran got from this experience. It will make Imbario suspicious.

And the dream in the previous chapter is coming true. Just wonder what the academy will think with Kieran missing for a few days, and what will Heston do about his missing son. Their absence will surely be noted.
Alteng chapter 6 . 3/9/2007
Okay, I have hit this chapter hot off the press.

I would think that the vision that Kieran had would have to do with him going on the hunt for the madrin he knows. Hey, they seem to have a good repoire. Get the madrin to lick the prince. Of course, that could get messy when the prince doesn't have the magic. Hey, it speculating.

I am rather surprised at Divwall's reaction. Are the wizards outside the king's rule? Maybe there would be a revolution? This is indeed a mess.

I can't help but like Edouard too. He's rather a sweet fellow. Of course, the comment could be from his father that he was intended to rule the people, and he would make a good ruler, compared to some peasant boy that means nothing. This is why he is more important.
In Darkest Night chapter 6 . 3/8/2007
I admit right now: I had doubts about this story. All of them are pretty much seen through, but I'm still enjoying the time I spend reading this story ;) I keep expecting something utterly horrible and unexpected to happen...and so far, this story hasn't had any of those, and has been a nice change of pace. Actually using plot, even in a manor that is almost purely cliche, to the betterment of the story. In other words, nice job ;)

Kieran is adorable and a lovable character, I'm glad you have him as a main...And, if as the story is hinting towards, he and Edouard 'get together' they would balance each other out very nicely...Though I would sincerely like to see more of Edouard's POV ;)
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