Reviews for Woes of the Carnation
emptyword chapter 1 . 5/3/2007
Yum, looks promising. Although I don't quite like Narissa; a bit too naive for someone who's fallen in love with a vampire and claims to understand her partner. Hopefully in later chapters, she'll show some new faces.

This chapter was intriguing, certainly, especially Alexandria's cynical, but slightly sentimental musings. But I have trouble seeing it as a -first- chapter. It seems more like a dialogue to be found somewhere midway after more background and context have been established.

I will look for an update.
Aimee Raven chapter 1 . 2/24/2007
I can't believe you actually called her Alexandria! That's one of my favourite names and oddly enough, I've never read about a character or even heard about a person called Alexandria. Narissa too, is quite an odd name. "as her canines scraped across her lips" I really liked that line, the word "canines" works great, it didn't even make me think of vampires are first, it was simply threatening. The title is rather striking as well! "lies, physical or otherwise" I don't know, I've never heard the concept of a "physical lie" at least not put that way, and I must admit, it's brilliant! It's very sad, but I can't resist just quoting some of the lines because they're amazing "Her bones rattled against her skin " - that's so great _. I love the ending...such a queer episode,and then such a seemingly plain, common ending. I think, personally, the world has seen enough vampire novels *cringe* but I do adore your style of writing so I do think you should try posting a second chapter :). Take care!