Reviews for Bionic
Jecai chapter 1 . 7/29/2008
I know, not at all current. I remember this didn’t make much sense when I read it last February. Probably too distracted with running and reading Kate Chopin.

I liked the ‘mono no aware’; “petals into puddles” “raw and sweet with forever meaning lost”. “boughs brushing...” reminds me of thinking about how people long dead thought about the same stuff, how they might have thought about people long dead who thought etc.

The reality of the mind; “Braille written in code etched in the snow”. The distracting talk of her companion.

Still not completely sure what happened; I looked up some stuff about radiators so I think I know.

Would her mom really rent storage space for that long? Though maybe to keep it out of the house, that’s plausible.

Some really good lines, like “translucent from exposure” and especially “don’t laugh...”. Like people are fragile, can’t resist. Ecstasy’s the seed of tragedy etc.

Don’t know to what extent Rachel can be blamed for inaction. “You were so soft I knew I could shape you” and “I couldn’t wait for you to do what you would not. Could not.” If taken to mean that because “you couldn’t move” “you” wasn’t deserving, and if Rachel could have resolved whatever underlying problem(s) had she chosen to do so, then it’s pretty unsettling. Though even in that case, how much could you blame her?

Sorry if that makes no sense. (Unless I’m being dense, and I think that’s likely) who “you” is, and how literal “something kicking there” is supposed to be aren’t clear. So I don’t know.

Maybe there are multiple options.

“wires listing in an invisible current from another world” made me think of induction; the suck and pull made sense to me thematically, though I’m pretty sure that’s an idiosyncratic reading.

Besides what I think is the obvious metaphor, I took the title to mean that people and things aren’t isolated; they interact and affect.
Cheesy Brussle Sprouts chapter 1 . 3/15/2007
Amazing. This was fantastic.

Little couch w little pillows chapter 1 . 2/4/2007
This one was my favorite. I actually didn't have to read it like 92382 times to understand it either.

I'm still jealous of the way you write. No fair.

Ps. Heath Ledger is a sexy man.

that is all.