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potogold chapter 18 . 6/23/2011
I'd like it to be known that if my boss asks why I didn't get anything done the past two days, I'm blaming you for it. I'll be directing him to your FP profile so he can send you the ranting email I'd normally get.


Wow. Just wow. I've resisted reading this story for a while now, mostly because (don't hate me for this) but the summary kinda put me off. It's not nearly worthy enough to do this story justice. That's how much I love this story. :)

Your portrayal of Rosie and Javi is so heart felt, and heart wrenching. She's terrified, he's terrified, there's so much history among them all. I got sucked in by the depth of the story, and can't help but think that if everyone just came clean, they could all be happy. Of course, I know this would totally spoil the drama, so yeah, that can't happen right away, but still. HEH.

As a fellow FP author, I know the value of a review, and how sometimes, a nudge from a reviewer can help get that muse to cooperate. So consider this my friendly nudge nudge poke poke nudge to get another chapter. D Also, yesterday was my birthday, so seeing another chapter would be an amazing birthday present. Just saying. *evil grin*

But truly, you've done amazing with this story, I love it! This one, and all the others. So great. Thank you for sharing!
HappyGoLucky93 chapter 18 . 6/19/2011
QueenMidget chapter 4 . 6/6/2011
GUHHH I was meaning to review at the end of this, but I couldn't take any more. I think I'm pretty much half in love with Javier already, because a guy who loves both Jim Butcher and Terry Pratchett is my soulmate. Too bad he isn't real hahaha. Anyways, thanks for writing such awesome stories! I've been going through them in between studying for finals, and they make the time go a lot faster. :D Thank you again!
WickedSauce chapter 18 . 5/31/2011

So I love all of your stories - especially Quandaries of a Quirky Romantic and its sequel - and reading Standing On the Edge was such a pleasure. It was really, really well-written and had the elements of literature in it and blah, blah, blah. It is easily among my favorites on Fictionpress. All I can hope for is that you will update these soon, because your stories are - in my opinion - at professional level.

A Different Kind of Yellow chapter 18 . 5/19/2011
I know I've only started reading this story, but I seriously love it. The story and the emotion in the story feels real and I really love Rosie and Javier's relationship. Can you continue soon please?
aibohatsukoi chapter 17 . 5/16/2011
I've determined you have a thing for Hispanic men, happy trails, groping toned chests, and tough-yet-misunderstood-vulnerable-nerdy men. HUHU, but I think all of us do too ;D

Poor Javi... that line about never having someone who's held his heart and have his body... My heart stopped. He feels so much for Rowe, I really hope she doesn't break him (well, she sorta does in the next chapter), but I hope it's not nearly as disastrous as what Nadine and Thatcher had to go through. T_T I can't handle ten more chapters of angst, not only for myself (this emotionally weak, crybaby), but watching my babies (?) suffer hurts so much T_T

I definitely ADORE the last few moments of this chapter though3 Before Rowe made her get-a-way... ahh, you have this way of writing these make-out scenes so steamy3 It's like, implicit enough that no one is going to assume that it's heading down a PWP road, but explicit in the complex sense that you can feel the character's love for each other through their actions AND it gives the readers this slightly creepy voyeuristic feeling for intruding on the couple's intimate moment. HA-HA.

Lovely chapter, thank you so much! (Who's procrastinating on studying for finals? _ huhu, not meee) Can't wait to see what you have planned for us (in chapter 19!). No pressure though, I trust that you'll give us something delicious to take a bite out of, even if that voice in the back of your head says it's not worthy, well, /I/ shall say that it is definitely worthy!

As always, with much love and respect,

morbidmel chapter 18 . 5/8/2011
-ahem- ... Hi?

This is a little awkward since I've been reading your stories for almost a quarter of my life now... And I'm hanging my head down in shame since I've just been another one of those review-less hits... and this will be my first time reviewing. _

First of all, I just wanted to thank you so much for writing all these stories. I personally shy away from this genre of Teen Romance and get my fixes through Fantasy/Historical Romances because there's just that reality of Teen Romance that hits a lot closer to home than I'm really comfortable with. I'm also too much of a coward (and poor college student) to invest in the necessary amount of tears-and-nose-dripping-wiping-materials. I always end up emotionally investing myself into the characters and go on their wild roller coaster rides with them (and shedding, if not the same-then more-amount of tears they do).

I'm extremely sorry to hear about your plagiarized stories. I know that FP has lost a good amount of its godly writers due to this issue a few years back, and I've always been super thankful and relieved that you haven't had to remove your stories yet.

I believe I was there for Rosaline and Javier in the beginning, waiting along with the rest of your readers for each new chapter. For whatever reasons, I took a break from FP and I think my last chapter was 7, when Javier took her to the aquarium and she kissed him. (That cliffy killed me... I was so excited, but so fearful of what was going to happen next. Like Lulu, the inner-helpless-romantic in me was jumping up and down in happiness at the unavoidable first kiss, but the annoying side of my head that always wants to factor in reality kept nagging at me and it sort of ruined my mood. But don't worry, I locked it away, re-read the chapter and my enthusiasm was in overdrive again :D)

Honestly, when I first began reading this story, the balding midget critic in me began checking off the list of clichés it found. Of course, I shouldn't have worried, all the characters were original and so darn dashing, mysterious, and endearing (Rosaline's charm started to dim as we learned more about Javier and how non-asshole-y he really was, but I definitely think that this chapter is the beginning of the make-up sex euphoric band-aid Rosaline is gonna give to Javier-and the rest of us readers xD) And that soft “foreplay” in the previous chapter was really fun to read too. Poor Javi though T_T

I guess what really prompted me into writing this review was that chapter where Javier's control slipped after Bree kept pushing him about his suicide attempt. When I was in high school, my two best friends were very stressed, depressed, and suicidal. They were cutting themselves, resorting to drugs, and I just pushed myself away from them. I began to spend more time with my other friends, and I didn’t know how to approach or what to say to my best friends anymore. They had eating disorders, and I saw their scars and I just told them that they were beautiful, shouldn't be harming themselves, and left them alone. I didn't make as much of an effort to see them or spend time with them because I was scared. I had always been the rock for my group, but until that time I never realized how shallow I really was. My tenuous hold on being perfect broke. I was a shitty friend and the distance grew between us. Junior year started and we were supposed to try and become close again, but I felt the disconnect. Neither of us wanted to try anymore, and after reading that chapter, I realized why. Just like how Javier could never stop loving Bree, he also couldn't truly forgive her for leaving him alone and ignoring all his signs, my friends will never be able to forgive me for leaving them during their lowest, most vulnerable time in their lives. And it hurt and I cried, but I kept plowing on through the chapters and I realized that the difference between fiction and reality is that sometimes in reality, you just mess up and never find those right words. But the way you make it up is by trying. Even if all you can do is be there for them while they're picking themselves up after being thrown in the blender once or twice.

From these stories, I realized that my envy and jealousy of the character's close bonds and friendships is stupid and unnecessary. /I/ can have that same bond and closeness with other people if I just shoved my pride down my throat a little bit, took the risk, and went out there and experienced life. Just like how Javier said that Rosaline needed to live, I need that push and experience. (Now if only I could find a good-looking boy with a heart made of gold and an amazing personality to match... xD Haha, I kid!)

I wanted to thank you for expanding my music tastes as well. (I'm pretty open to a little bit of everything, but I won't deny my bubblegum pop obsession...heh) I love it when you post your editing/writing soundtrack in your A/N's so that we can listen to it as we read. "I'm Still Here" was a super-powerful chapter (I'm still recovering from the breakdown-and lack of tissues in my current possession xD). And I agree with Rowe, I love that song as well. I remember watching Treasure Planet as a kid and hearing that song and associating it with a much more naive and innocent meaning. And now, as an adult, re-listening to the song, I get to experience what that little kid felt, but I now also have another important memory and emotion to tie the song with. And I never would've had that emotion if I never read your Javier and Rosaline's story.

I swear reading through a chapter of your work is better than a session of therapy xD (Although I haven't actually gone to therapy... yet... So I'm can't really compare, but oh well, I will anyway)

Onto chapter 18's review! (sorry for the long pre-lude!)

You have no idea how proud I am of Rosaline for finally growing her balls this chapter (although she backtracked some... well, a lot with Javier in a little bit-but she'll do better in the next chapter right? -winkwinknudgenudge-). I was so excited, I ended up re-reading the first two sentences of Rosaline bullying Ben off Javier's locker about five times before I ventured forth. I really really REALLY didn't want the chapter to end (cause there's no 19 yet T_T). After seeing such a weak and crybaby Rosaline (but I love this side of her as well; sometimes authors just forget the human aspect of their authors... and they miss out on the whole overwhelming emotional trauma a character may be going through in trying to admit their love for their significant other -hugsRoweRowe-) it was a thrill to watch Bully!Rowe kicking evil-doers’ fine behinds.

And omg, the cafeteria scene. It was so beautiful, the drama, the tenseness of possible violence, Bully!Rosaline in action x 3 (for the three bullies). I absolutely adore how Javi is reverting back to his true Californian self. Pfft, the girls at his high school are crazy for hating on such a fine AND intelligent specimen of the male-kind. -melt- Comfortable!Javier is just...
SmilingSarcasm chapter 18 . 3/28/2011
I adore this story. Javier is my new fiction character favorite, he is wonderful. I'll be waiting for the next update.
WishesofImmortality chapter 18 . 3/13/2011
I always feel like it's silly to review a story that already has 700 reviews on it, since my words are pretty insignificant, but I couldn't help it this time. :)

I sat down and read all 18 chapters of this in one sitting (while i was supposed to be writing a paper for college, i might add) and I really, really enjoyed it. Javier is a really life-like character, and even though I had some problems with Rowe in the beginning, she's finally starting to seem real to me. You're obviously a character driven author, and I admire it.

I do have a question - in an earlier chapter, Bree asked Rowe to talk to Javier on her behalf, but then Javier and Bree were talking again and Rosaline didn't say anything. I was a bit confused on that point.

Also, since I've just recently found out that I was plagiarized and took the stories important to me down, I really respect that you're still posting on FP. And I'm really thrilled, since I wouldn't have gotten to read this if you hadn't. :)

Thanks for sharing your words with me. :D

Dreamerofthesky chapter 18 . 3/13/2011
Love this story! I love all of ours though! :) SO good! Can't wait to read what happens! Your such a great writer! :D
Alexis chapter 18 . 3/12/2011
Hey, is the you mentioned in QoaQR (dunno which chapter)same as this one? Tell me! Tell me! I'm dying here. /_/

Uber kewl chapter btw!
everyoneisMISunderstood chapter 18 . 3/3/2011
So, I hope you do update this sometime in the near future :)

I really like Rowe. I think she's real and a great character and friend. You really wouldn't wanna get on her badside... Hehe, plus she kind of reminds me of myself XD

Javi, oh Javi. He's such a sweetheart when he wants to be. *sigh*
everyoneisMISunderstood chapter 16 . 3/2/2011
... Funniest quote ever: My God, I can't believe I spent so much of my high school career hanging out with people that couldn't spell – they couldn't even spell curse words. I thought they would at least take the time to learn how to do that, what has text messaging done to us? Can I even blame text messaging on this?

SO TRUE. Amen, seriously A-Freaking-men XD

I feel so bad for Javi - it's not fair that he gets bullied just because he finally decided to be honest. He's such a nice guy, he really is.

I love the romance, obviously. But you know what else I love?

GIRL POWER. Yes, I really did just call it girl power. Believe it. Anyway, I love that each girl is defined, that none of them are the same. It's almost like my clique of outcasts at school - we're all different, but together we work. And it's amazing that you've captured that.

I love Jere and Rosie. God, Jere reminds me so much of my kind-of brother that moved away. I'm serious, when I read this it's like I'm getting a glimpse of him which is seriously so awesome :)

So, all in all, I'm enjoying this quite a lot! Unfortunately, I won't be able to review again until tomorrow because I need to get off the computer. I'm sort of scared for the next chapter.
everyoneisMISunderstood chapter 13 . 2/28/2011
I like Rosaline :) To be honest, I think any girl who doesn't like Rosaline has never really been heartbroken. Or hey, maybe I'm just cynical XD

I see this is one of the stories you updated months ago as opposed to YEARS ago ;) That's good!

'Course, on those stories you'll probably be getting some reviews from me begging for updates in the near future, but let's enjoy me gushing over you now, yes?
bluz chapter 18 . 2/27/2011
As I attempted to read the latest chapter, I sincerely could not remember this story. I know I read it and wrote a review on it. I tried to look for my name among all the other reviews, and surprisingly it was not there, huh! Which is surprising especially since I am on the mailing list to receive an e-mail indicating that you have updated the story? Anyway, nothing clicked so I decided to read it from chapter one. A lot has changed (from my perspective anyway) and I really enjoyed reading the chapters. I laughed, I was shocked, I was sad and many other emotions erupted.

I love your writing ability. I could picture every scene. I love the characters, I love that the story was not rushed. I do not know whether you noticed this, but I truly love this story. If you ever become a publish writer, please let me know so I can go out and buy your novel(s).
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