Reviews for The Thousandth Night
anitsirK chapter 9 . 11/29/2008
That was brilliant! I love it. :D It's amazing that you know all these legends/myths and still, you made them your own. Thanks for writing this! Excellent read. May you have more stories to come. :D LOL.
WellOfDreams chapter 9 . 4/13/2008
First of all, let me say that you are a fantastic writer who deserves the highest praise. I absolutly loved "The Thousandth Night", and all the characters protrayed in it, from the Sultan to his wives, and all their children. I also love all the stories that you chose to use, many of which, are among my all-time favorites. I'm also impressed by your knowledge of knowing that Sultan Harun al-Rashid's mother was a slave who rose to become the Chief Wife of a Sultan's harem, and it was through her cleverness that her son became his father's heir. It was her, that Harun based the character of Scheherazade, the famous stroytelling queen who told the stories contained in "The Thousand and One Arabian Nighta". I hope you continue to write more works as good as this one, because you have a real gift.
Musafreen chapter 9 . 9/2/2007
So there was a point to the stories. Well done!
Musafreen chapter 6 . 9/2/2007
You shortened almost the entire Ramayana. That is something I'd never dream of doing. ((shudders))

It was a pretty good job, though. But honestly, you should have picked a shorter story to narrate. There are ten million(s) of them.

Fusyu isn't the wind god. That's Vayu.
queen Maab chapter 9 . 8/13/2007
Just cruising the internets and I found this.

Fokelore and myths are my guilty pleasure so i knew all these tales alreadt ( or a similar version) you worded them beautifully though with a hint of Arabian nights.


And a whe for Sandman!

And a whe for Ouran High School Host club! too bad I can't get on the tv in my country (stupid prude Austrailia)

Anywho a four out of five for me ( you didn't get five cause you didn't make up the stories yourself)

queen maab
axiden chapter 9 . 6/6/2007
OMG~ This is the best one I've ever read...
Luzith chapter 9 . 5/18/2007
this is a very well written story. i really enjoyed. very nice characterization and writing style. the language flows very nicely. excellent.
Estelin chapter 8 . 3/29/2007
this story was great. keep up the good work
Graearose chapter 8 . 3/28/2007
I have heard every one of these stories-or at least very similar variations of them-but I like what you have done with them. You have every right to compliment your descriptions of the people, places, expressions, and emotions that you have brought to life. Awesome job.
whisperingxblue chapter 1 . 3/28/2007
First of all - lovely story, I adore Cupid and Psyche and was quite enamored by the Sandman story of Morpheus and the queen as well.

The references: The children of Li Hua are Tamaki and Mori I believe. Jahzara's son is Kyoya. Hani, Xanthe's daughter, is actually Honey. And Mallika's twins are Hikaru and Kaoru. And I'm going to take this one step further and assume that Ahmar's daughter is Haruhi.

In the next Chapter, the reference is when Jahzara calls him "milord" which is what the twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, call Tamaki in Host Club.

Very well written, your description wavers at certain points of the story telling, but is overally very exquisite. Excellent choice of stories/fables.


P.S. - I adore the little rhymes at the beginning and end
DogDaysUnleashed chapter 9 . 3/28/2007
I have never before met someone else who reads classic folk tales and fairy tales for fun. Acknowledgement well deserved. In this story, you have created a tale worthy of any collection. Many different stories have repeating themes, and there is no reason why this would not be eligible for recognition with a little more editing.

Long live fairy tales, folk tales, and nursery rhymes!
ham3 chapter 4 . 3/13/2007
Hello! The tales are odd...but I still like them! I've read the first three, and I like "Dreamworld" the most. (I may comment on the last two tales after I finish reading them.)

Anyways, you have a good writing style. Thanks for entertaining me.
Jehnyahl chapter 5 . 3/12/2007
Another wonderful story. Personally I prefer the ones involving romance, but I'm just a little picky.
Jehnyahl chapter 4 . 3/12/2007
Oh! Another wonderful story! I'm starting to look forward to their little stories! I'll be sorry when he's run outta wives!
Rio's Desire chapter 8 . 3/8/2007
Yay! This was the best story yet! The slave should win, and not be a slave anymore. Write more please...I didn't want to get hit with pillows.
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