Reviews for Millenium
kaylajac chapter 1 . 2/17/2007
godgodgod i love this. the whole religious theme sweeping over it throughout is just like, gahh, wonderful. it's so freaking hard to pull that off without being cynical and bitchy or without being preachy and obsessed, you know? i like the fact that you're more or less pushing away or against religion [saying to hell with eternal condemnation, i'd rather have my boy :P ] but not in a way that offends. [well, at least doesn't offend ME, and i don't even know what my religion is anymore.]

a couple typos- 'passion' in the summary i do believe is spelled 'paasion', in 'proximity of an autumn nightis it so wrong..." there ought to be a space between 'night' and 'is'.

overall, yeah, i love this. the religious and mythological references are absurdly well-placed, the ending is faintly cynical in a perfect way, and yeah. amazing. the only advice i could have is that in the first stanza, the articulate vocabulary makes it seem a little...ah, 'wordy' compared to the rest of the piece, but honestly, that's trivial.