Reviews for In Pursuit
Tricrax chapter 15 . 8/11/2007
Well, at least it's known how the paths cross. Amira definitely seems like an interesting new character. She hasn't been used in any of your other fics, has she?

Can't wait to read more.

I agree with you on the weather. Someone in the area died of a heatstroke. Yeah. It got that bad. Somewhere in the 100's at times. Yeesh.

Have a good day/week/month/however long until I review again.
Tricrax chapter 12 . 6/19/2007
I was mildly surprised at Erson's betrayal. He'd done it before, so I couldn't be totally OMGWTFBBQ? But I still expected him to wait until they were out of the city, at least.

I will continue reading all of your stuff. Unless it's in a language that can be translated by Yahoo.

Finally, it doesn't really show that you're paving the road for anything other than an interesting way to cross the two current plots within the story.

I can't wait to find out what it is.
Tricrax chapter 9 . 5/24/2007
Ah, the summer dry spell. It seems every writer gets slagoomed by it. All the time in the world and they can't write a word.

This was funny as a one-shot, but even better as a whole story.
Tricrax chapter 8 . 5/20/2007
Poor Erson. He's tried to capture Jadui for months to years, and now he's seen as a traitor for it.

Ah well. Maybe he'll join the rebellion after that.

Or just be more determined to capture Jadui.

Tricrax chapter 7 . 5/6/2007
Only two? But... But you're a great writer!

There's a thin line between religion and mythology and all that.

Microsoft Word could be useful, by the way. A lot less spelling errors than some fics, but I saw a few.
striped feather chapter 5 . 4/17/2007
Nice touch with the Alchemists, I liked that bit, you did a bloody good job.

Update soon!
Tricrax chapter 3 . 3/30/2007
Now that I can finally read it, a proper review is in order.

Loved the mention of the Red Emperess.

The two within the tower seem to be a nod to the ghosts in the Christmas episode of X-Files. Are they?

Very well done.
Tricrax chapter 5 . 3/29/2007
Whuh... Okay, for some reason ch.3 and 4 are unreadable.

I'll give a proper review when they are.
striped feather chapter 1 . 3/28/2007
Looking good.

Keep writing!
Tricrax chapter 2 . 3/26/2007
Well, the seduction thing would fit with the first chapter's story featuring innuendo.

Loved Maria. Hated the fact that the golden fish wasn't there often.


I'd love for Pursuit to continue. Hilarious stuff.
Tricrax chapter 1 . 2/15/2007
Liked the Star Wars references. Laughed at the end of it, as it wasn't just something stupid, but something geniune and hilarious.

It was so easy to mess with his head.

Great stuff, Azzandra.
C. Fitzsimmons chapter 1 . 2/15/2007
*snerk* Quite amusing. I love the characters you've set up here. The word "newbie" seemed out of place in the story, but otherwise highly enjoyable.