Reviews for Dream
KatriAdriah chapter 1 . 2/24/2007
definately hope. i will definately be sad if there's no second chapter. i hope you update soon!
Saki chapter 1 . 2/20/2007
Write another chapter! I am loving this amazing story~
Reiya chapter 1 . 2/19/2007
Yeah! You are finally writing fiction now. *hugs* I like the looks of this tale and since I do have time for a long and lushish review - I will give you one!


OMG! I totally love the idea. At first I was thinking it was going to be like Magical X Miracle with a Full Moon wo Sagashite twist but, hell no, its better! I like how you spent time giving an idea of both characters (Akemi and Tsukiko's) lives. I loved the opening, the dream and how Akemi was woken up. Your style of writing is so different and catchy and is just amazing! Will you draw pictures for this, because I'd love to see them! *big puppy eyes*


There's a lack of male characters, but I have a feeling you will add them in...

Akemi - So far, I find her different from the usual heroines in manga. She reminds me of Tohru from Fruits Basket with a little more spunk and commonsense as well as brains. Her blunt and caring side are adorable. I find her the definition of a little sister and I hope she will continue to grow. I find it cute how she hates being woken up by her housekeeper and her lines and thoughts are so funny!

Tsukiko - Wow, this chick is a tough girl. I like the senstive touch, but bitchy side. I really hope she will be a caring but still strong person. I like her atitude although I think she could be protrayed as more mature than Akemi. Her last line was great!

Mrs. Puu - Perfect comical character. I love the humor you filled her up with.

Emi - The loving older stepsister who is funny as well as strict. She is much like Suzume from Ayashi no Ceres who I loved in the manga and anime. They share common feature, but I hope she's not pregnant!

Orpheus - OMG! My favorite so far. I love it that he's a Greek god and sounds so smexy. He seems like a very caring and protective person. I love his personality and wish he was my boyfriend!

Osamu - Not sure about him yet. I hope he doesn't end up with that bitch Naoko.

Naoko - Die you bitch. You are a slut.

French lady - Once I know her name, I'll give my opinion.


You gave a pretty clear idea of the time and place, but I think there can be added more details and descriptions...


AMAZING AND HUMORIOUS! Good lord! I loved the conversations and they were detailed as well as funny! I loved Akemi's line about living with her "psycho housekeeper and bi polar sister" that was golden. Akemi's lines as well as Mrs. Puu (I love how she thinks Akemi is a leisben) and Emi are very colorful. I think you need to make Orpheus and Tsukiko more colorful too.


Perfect! Amazing! I could envision this perfectly!


Like I've said before, grammar is not your strong point but vocab and spelling are. Love you.

Overall please write the next chapter and get this story more love. If not, I will hunt you down!

Your slave to this story forever,


(And you better update!)