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tbs0147 chapter 30 . 10/18
I love this story! I know you finished it a while ago...but I was hoping there would be that sequel in the making :) You're an incredible writer and I really wanna read more and find out where Dahlia and Callum go from here! Hopefully you rediscover your muse because this story is brilliant!
Chakara1winxclub chapter 30 . 7/2
Hey, will you please write a sequel and possibly give Liam a girlfriend? Plus, will you please make Dahlia a bit tougher and less naive, and overall a bit more mature at times? Liam and Dahlia seems to be better with each other than Callum and Dahlia in the last chapters. I love your writing style and you do write pretty good fight scenes, and romantic and comedy scenes. Well, I may or may not check your other stories out. Let's see shall we?
Oh I've already read Oliver Twist and Sahara. I loved Oliver Twist. It was perfect. Sahara was good, but something felt off about it. Like the main characters lacked a bit of chemistry or something...
So sequel?
Chakara1winxclub chapter 29 . 7/2
Hi. I like this story of yours. But if ever decide to get this published, please make Dahlia Simon as an event planner or something other than PI or anything which indicates that she knows how to fight. PIs do know how to fight, but the character, Dahlia, has shown herself to be a helpless human during all fights, except maybe the one after when she was with Veronica in front of that Sea Shell Motel. She seems like she doesn't know how to fight. A sensible lady would know better than to get distracted by emotions or the things that happen around her, or her thought, but Dahlia is acting like an absolute airhead, with a bit of talent, which needs a large polishing. If you publish this like this itself, it would get more negative reviews than positive ones. I'm not saying this to make you feel down, but it's the truth. People, no older than 30, are read and write here. They are unprofessionals. I'm not saying I'm a professional, but I really do think this story would get far more hits, if she actually is a bit of an airhead, who turns non airhead, and who has a surprising ability to fight, at least for an airhead.
Chakara1winxclub chapter 9 . 6/30
The inhuman speed, paleness, extra abilities, old is powerful, and maybe eyes turning black too seems to be from Twilight Saga. But then again, eyes turning black could be from Supernaturals. The name Thanatos, and permission for the dead to enter someone's house seems to be from House of Night series. Though this story hasn't exactly developed a character of it's own, as of this chapter. I think it has the potential to get there.
Guest chapter 30 . 6/30
This story is absolutely amazing!
I read Vertigo and I have been keeping up with Ricochet and they are both awesome as well, so I was wondering if you really are doing a 'sequel' to this story or maybe you decided against it?
But anyway, I think
Alice chapter 30 . 5/2
UPDATE SOON... its been 2 to 3 yrs which is long for updating new squeal...
Guest chapter 30 . 4/12
i know u r one of the best writer and it would be an insult if i suggest some storylines for its sequel... but do u mind if i do suggest some for u? i kind have something in my mind... maybe it help u...
Guest chapter 22 . 4/12
it was funny... i wish liam and callum would be a brother rather than master or frnd... bcause callum behave as mature like elder brother and liam as younger one if i can undo the starting.. but still i like it..
KLV.Me chapter 30 . 3/30
It was an amazing story. I have a question though: vampires don't have reflection, so how is it possible for them to be caught on camera? I'm referring to Callum.
Guest chapter 30 . 3/9
Was wondering do you still update? Hope you do. Love the story and hope to read the sequel!
Bluterav chapter 2 . 12/17/2014
JadeC.Ott chapter 30 . 10/27/2014
I think the story is amazing. Great plot line! I can't wait for the sequal, I hope it doesn't take six years!
droppedastitch chapter 1 . 9/14/2014
I love Vertigo and Ricochet so I'm going to give The Deadly Flowers a try :) I like it so far!
thegirlinthelibrary chapter 19 . 8/30/2014
Here is my review:
I liked this chapter because it speaks about the oncoming war. I want to know what happens to Callum and Dahlia. Liam's character is always intolerable but it seems that he built a love/hate bond with Dahlia. Its nice to see he actually cares about her. Until now the story seemed only to focus on love mostly, atleast to me it did, but now the plot is coming to action and i love it almost as much as i love Callum !
DarkEmberGirl chapter 2 . 8/20/2014
Just wondering why you went with 'La Jolie Fleur' instead of 'La Fleur Jolie'?
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