Reviews for Unfocused chapter 1 . 4/23/2007
So, I'm waiting for my coffee to brew and silently thinking Okay, fine...Fer sure, fer sure I'm a valley girl and there is no cure- and I decided to leave you a 100,0 reviews because I am SO TOTALLY awesome and my reviews SUCK. Yes.. Your poetry is rather good. Quiet riot. Ha ha. It's like.. Okay, I'm going to film a scene for a movie where the punk rock kids and the Gothic kids get in a fight, but there's not going to be any sound. They're just going to be rushing at each other with chairs and stuff and drawing blood and their mouths will open like they're going to scream, but.. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's incredible, ha ha. The punk rock kids when. Because those Gothic kids are TOO BUSY TAKING OVER THE INTERNET to care and I am just loser who drinks too much coffee and needs to get outside. Everytime I go outside these fat 6&7 yr olds ask me if I ever get tired of listenening to music. No, but I do get tired of hearing your squeaky little voices, ha ha. They talk like.. Like, I don't even know, but it's soo annoying.. Maybe even as annoying as me, ha ha. *Looks around then quickly darts out of room*