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Seeker of Knowledge chapter 40 . 8/8/2008
... let me start off with 'you have a way with words'


this was a very well written piece, esp the smut, and reading it was like peeking round the corner into a real place with actual people.

you've caught what i believe is an amazingly accurate feel of London in its earlier pre-industrial years and the everyday atrocities with the division between classes.

they may have been parts that didn't quite fit, or seem a bit illogical but i cant think of any off the top of my head and they didn't detract from your story at all

never stop writing

() Eleri (
Cilissa chapter 40 . 6/27/2008
Wow. You have just combined two of my favourite things to read about (historical romance and slash) in such a beautiful way. I cried when Jack and Rafael finally got together. I loved the way you made Nicky and Morgans last scene so funny, and yet so heartwarming. Personally, my favourite character is Jack. I'm not sure whether I prefer this or Theatrum Astra. I really can't choose. Both of your stories are of such an incredibly high calibre and I'm so amazed that this story only has 70 reviews. It's an injustice to the world. You are an amazing author, and if/when I attempt to write something I pray that it will be at least a fraction as good as this. I applaud you.
PencilSketchS chapter 40 . 4/28/2008
I just finished, and it took me all of four days, but it was brilliant. I loved the characters and their developement and you get the sense that you know them by the end of it, so I'm a bit sad to let go. The imagery is beautiful and not over done, it makes you feel like you're there. And I rooted for so many various parings that I felt like such a traitor, or just plain flighty, but I'm happy with how everything turned out. The scene changes were sometimes sudden, but not difficult to work out. And every now and then you'd let chunks of time flash by without consequence, but that's okay if it brings us closer to much anticipated action.I think by the end of it Rafe was my fav, but yeah, they all have a place in my heart. I'd say I'm half way through Theatrum Astra and I have to tell you that I love your writing and am deeply envious of you ability to create an entire world in your stories. Looking forward to any and all of your future works.
sab chapter 40 . 3/13/2008
well, where to start ?

In the beginning I was a bit reluctant with the 1800s thing but in the end it didn't matter

It really was a great story : the characters, the plot, the description ... It wasn't too much, just real because the characters aren't perfect but not too much angsty

Just one thing : you need to mark more when you go to one character to an another like you did in the end with "x" I don't know if I'm clear, sorry :-p

thanks for your writing
skittlelove chapter 40 . 2/23/2008
Omg.. this was a long story. I have to say that I absolutely adored it. Your characters were so sweet and realistic. I have to speak truthfully, at first Nicholas was my favorite (I think because I felt like he was main character) but after it went on, I absolutely fell in love with Jack. He is so adorable. I totally agree with little Jayden's characterzation of him. He is like a dog, like Oberon according to Jayden. All growly on the outside but a big softy inside. This story was fantastic. Great job!

Sleepy Idea chapter 40 . 1/19/2008
I’m sorry it took me a while to sit down and write a proper review. Yes, the glitch went away after a few days, though I think it was on Fictionpress’s fault. (I tried two other computers and they had the same problem.)

I think fantasy and sci-fi is easier to write than historical fiction because on the former two, you have free rein to do what you want but on the latter, you want to be at the very least, somewhat factually correct. I really had wonderful imagery of both 1800s London and the charmingly quaint manor of a lord in Renescence.

I am curious at the title. The closest word I found to it was “renascense.” A rebirth. It’s a beautiful word. Renescence isn’t a typo is it?

And is it Morgan Carr or Carrington? I think I’ve seen Morgan’s last name being inconsistent but I’m not sure now.

I’ll say much the same as I did TA on grammar/spelling (that includes mistakes), text spacing, pacing, consistency, etc. And the character development and interaction was especially wonderful; there are stories I’ve read that are great but sad to say, I’d forget about their names and personality after a few weeks until I reread them. But the Renescence characters are quite something else.

Even now, I remember. Nicholas is like one of Boticelli’s angels, the way you describe him. The “luscious young man” LOL. I really liked your descriptions of him. He’d fit into Anne Rice’s or Jacqueline Carey’s novels even if your writing style is extremely different from said authors. And he’s so innocent! I think he’s such a cute bottom, I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t a sex scene like that. (I’m still a bit annoyed by Morgan for doing what he did).

Morgan. It was a pleasant change that he wasn’t the typical brooding-cold-silent-lord type, though he has spoiled and arrogant hands down. He’s so cute, give him a cookie LOL. Or sixty. I can’t say he’s my favorite character though, but I still like him a lot.

Jack! I love Jack! He’s so insecure but he fights back. And Rafael is so cool. Witty and sharp, he reminds me of a rapier. I really don’t have much to say about them but they make a wonderful WONDERFUL couple.

The little Jack/Nicholas plot threads really were delicious. (I know I shouldn’t but I’ll ask anyway, consider a small PWP spinoff with J/N action?)

Minor characters like the townspeople. I loved how they were included in the story, and remained consistent. They weren’t ignored like they are 95 percent of the time.

And the kids! Most of the time, when they’re in stories, they act cute but don’t really add much. So yeah, it was great that right before they became really into a main thread of the plot with the kidnapping, they’d been consistent throughout with their own personalities and they shaped the personalities of the other characters, esp. Jack and Rafael. Ahh… and I can’t help but think Jayden and Toby will grow up, have puberty, be attracted to other people, then each other, and Fall Madly in Love. (ok, I’m stopping now _;)

On a last note, yes I’d be very happy to look over your work. I won’t be flame-y. The harshest review I ever sent, the author said it was one of his “most criticizing” and thanked me for it. I still wince that I ever sent it though.

Take Care and Keep Writing,


PS. I totally get what you were saying about characters that simply live in Japan versus being the Japanese guys (you explained the distinction very clearly actually). Yes, your characters are definitely in the former.
Amindaya chapter 40 . 12/30/2007
I really am in awe. I read Assembly of the Gods quite some time ago and loved it to death. I was really impressed by the depth of the culture you portrayed...but then, when I realized this story was written by the same author, I was even more amazed. This is a completely different culture, but it's rendered so perfectly and believably.

Actually, perfect is probably the best word to describe this story. It's so real, and I like the little things that gave the characters that human quality. Like the cookie fiend Morgan and the way Nicholas was obsessed with the cravat. Your characters had consistent personalities throughout the story, with nothing strange or out of character...and it was even possible to see the change in them. It was also very easy to keep the characters separated in my mind. I never had to think 'okay, who was he again?' which I usually have a problem with when I read stories on FP. The characters were very distinct and three-dimensional, and, moreover, I could FEEL for them. I was totally drawn into the story.

It was funny in all the right moments and serious when necessary. Well...really, all of the emotions were spot-on and appropriate. You had me laughing and smacking my forehead quite a bit. The words are so expertly rendered and eloquent. Usually it's difficult for me to find somewhat dense prose, with substance, and not be bored to tears.

But there is one thing that totally irks me. The genre. I don't believe it qualifies as fantasy in the least. This REALLY bothers me...because if only you had posted it in the romance category, I'm sure you would have gotten many more reviews (not that you need to improve, but you seem to value constructive criticism, and I think it only fair that everyone have the opportunity to tell you how wonderful you are).

Thank you very much for the enjoyable read. It took me probably a whole twenty-four hours, not including the time I spent asleep. I just couldn't stop!
Amindaya chapter 19 . 12/29/2007
It's a crime you haven't more reviews...though I think I know the reason. It's because the story is too good. People just can't be bothered to stop to review because they're too eager to get to the next chapter. (I know that's how I feel.)

Amindaya chapter 1 . 12/28/2007
Things I love so far:

Jack's matter-of-fact way. Nicholas' crooked teeth. The lice.

All this makes the story very real. I love that your characters aren't idealistic.
qwerty chapter 39 . 12/13/2007
holy holy holy hotness.

that was steamy sex. :)

loved it.
Maria chapter 40 . 11/16/2007
Oh, I liked your story so much! It really is strange that it only has 61 reviews. o.O And I'm sorry for only reviewing at the end of the story, but I read it in big chunks at a time and always had something I had to rush off and do when I was done reading for the day. So I'll just say here, at the very end, that it was one of the best stories I've read! And it has a happy ending, which I loved, without being full of cheese. (I thought Rafael's dialogue during sex was a little strange, but maybe that's just me. Heh.) -puts you in my favorites-
renru-no-ren chapter 40 . 11/14/2007
I did enjoy it so much! You are an excellent writer! so many twists and turns and good relationships and characters, had me dreading the end while rushing to get to it, you know? Anyhow, should have reviewed much more, but just couldn't pause for it! Fave Stories list! Bravo.
ren chapter 28 . 11/12/2007
ah! i keep forgetting to review at the end of every chapter! you really deserve many more reviews, but I just get so caught up that i have to turn the page quickly! Morgan is a beautiful character, btw. _
LaylaLivesLoosely chapter 40 . 11/7/2007
i loved it! kept my interest the whole way through, with vivid characters and suspense galore. really a very fun read.
CM chapter 40 . 9/28/2007
Waah, that was a long one!

I loved the characters, Rafael and Jack are my favourite couple...and somehow I kept pairing Drew mit Louis. XD
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