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Need 'n' Know chapter 21 . 7/30/2007
I know what that means! We were having discussions about that in our French class, how we say those words in different languages. *nods* Yay, classes are, um, not really that relevant to life, though, but in this case-yay! *claps hands*

Wait, I thought Lexie took Latin? O_o Cuz that was the beginning of Alejandro's first journal/diary. Diary is so gay for a guy... XD Journal, it is!

Need 'n' Know (NnK is starting to make me twitch.)
Need 'n' Know chapter 20 . 7/30/2007
Insanity? Who's insane? *twitches around like a maniac* Lexie, have you forgotten about your FAMILY? Oh, come on, Thea... now the family? You must watch out. Enemies, enemies. I see enemies everywhere!

Oh, wait, I was county 23s... Al/Al, Violet, Mum, Dad, Ben, Abby, Thea, Dracula, Jon... do we involve minor characters, too? Do you think I'm going overboard with this 23 thing? *drops head* Fine, fine.

Need 'n' Know chapter 19 . 7/30/2007
Sometimes, I'm scared. So I just... glimpse... a bit. You know what I mean, right? *falls off the chair*

Happy birthday, Abby! *throws confetti* When you put the rating and the meaning, aye, I didn't think you meant it LITERALLY. :X Could've worn me. But I was worned. Na-na-nah.

Lexie cries a lot. Way too much. Understandable, but way too much. It gets on my nerves a bit. I'm trying to deal with it. It's her way... she's sad, really sad.

Need 'n' Know chapter 17 . 7/30/2007
Seriously, you're doing it on purpose. Twenty-three seconds. I see it. This is, what, the only thing I've been picking out of place in this story? Besides Lexie liking the guy who had biten her by force and stuff... and your story ID! 23! *bangs head on keyboard*

Are you trying to scare me? I'm starting to freak out! *screams* 23 here, there, everywhere!

And if I count the number of casts, will there be 23 of them, also? Al, Al... Violet... boy, this is gonna take a while.

"Drama king"? Man... XDD

Did I tell you one of my teacher's bday was on the 23rd of a month? O_O

Need 'n' Know chapter 16 . 7/30/2007
I told you about the conspiracy about the number 23! It's there again, on my friggin' gosh! 11:23 in the morning, are you kidding me? *pulls hair* I am not hallucinating. I mean... why wasn't it 11:24? Or 25, 35, 49? It's always 23. 23! *faints*

Ah, so now they're together.

Yay, so Violet (I called her "Violent" a while ago, didn't I? T_T) is nice. See?

I really like the journal entries. It's like everybody keeps a journal. And, what, is Ben too irrelevent to have a journal entry, too? Oh, man. Abby got one... once.

Let's see, let's see...

Need 'n' Know chapter 15 . 7/30/2007
It's all so many things. The Justin guy knowning, still an annoying incident in my mind, the friend... meannies. What about the rest of them? If you know vampires were out there, what are you going to do? Ah, my head hurts.

So you do you use the "f" word around here. But it's more fun when Lexie says "frig." Lol. Froggie! *jumpjump*

Yeah, Lexie and her big mouth. Won't she learn? Vampires are fast learners. Yeah... lol, I just realized, she knew Alejandro was a vampire on that first time they'd met. She's always been fast. Except for THIS one incident. But that's okay. Friends... it's the last thing you'd expect. x_x And they always say GIRLS hold the grudges the longest... I don't see a girl wanting to murder Lexie anywhere.

Need 'n' Know chapter 14 . 7/30/2007
The number 23! They're all over the place! And I'm not being hysterical here! 23rd July, 15:32, 123rd anniversary? Wtcrap is going on?

I didn't know Supernatural had vampires... I didn't! Or Charmed! Oh my goodness... I'd watched a few episodes of each, but didn't think there'd be... vampires. *drops head*

So Alejandro was right about HIM. Loser! Loser! AH, Lexie, dummy! AH!

Need 'n' Know chapter 13 . 7/30/2007
"Rose Vamp"? *snickers* Wah-ha-ha-haah-ha! Honestly, Lexie, you didn't make fun of that? Aww.

Does Lexie drinks champagne? Before/after her transformation... I would think so. She'd never said. Or did she? *gasps*

Ah, Violent. Sisterly grudge? Most likely. I hope so. Third wheels are never good. And Alejandro would be the dumbest idiot if he knows how Violent feels about him and just not say it straight out. Ranting, ranting.

Need 'n' Know chapter 12 . 7/30/2007
So that's a bit of an insight to Count Dracula's mind. Never read it. Nope. Lol, and look at the title of the chapter! XD

Ah, smart way of proving what you are. No wonder Alejandro got her doing that thing with the fangs.

123? Oh gosh... the number 23! *covers eyes*

Thea's back. So far, though, only one friend. But it's summer... me, same thing. Summer here, only talking to, like, one friend. U_U

Need 'n' Know chapter 10 . 7/30/2007
Alejandro: "Love is a strange and funny thing." Never Had A Dream Come True, by S Club 8? Or was it 7...? *thinks* My memory's foggy, why is that? WHY!

Ah, forgotten, Ralf. I wonder if he's going to react to how Lexie's changed. Unless she's not... but she's one... I don't-okay,, lemme see.

There was something that was bothering me. Huh, I'm imagining it? Jon is funny, lol. Lexie and Jon should meet outside sometimes, ha-ha. I'm so random, aren't I?

Need 'n' Know chapter 9 . 7/30/2007
Subjects. I said subordinates. I like subjects more. More fitting. And, unlike Lexie's contradiction, it is modern enough! :X

Lol, she's getting the drift pretty fast. But everything she says, she goes and argues with him. Strength, being killed... lol.

Out of the fire... into the what... I'm losing it. I love quotes. I
Need 'n' Know chapter 8 . 7/30/2007
Lmao, Thea, you're so smart! I like Thea's entry. They're funny, just like how she is. That type of person. *huggles* Too bad she won't know. *wails*

Lol, everytime they say, "Bite me," I just wanna roll over on my stomach and laugh my butt off! XD

You know what I like? A dark, sad pastto build upon. Everything. And the journal/diary. Love 'em. Lexie, curiosity won't kill the cat, so read it! Al is as likely to tell her as... hmm...

Need 'n' Know chapter 7 . 7/30/2007
ADS... AIDS. :D Everything's an insinuation, lol. Will Alejandro ever tell us? Will he? I desperately want to know who the other person he's turned, besides "Dracula," and who is that Violet? Sister, friend, subordinate? AH. Stop asking questions, oh goodness.

Al just said that! *shakes him* Pervert! Total pervert He is a man, but pervert! *slapslap* I'm getting a bit more aggressive than vampires, aren't I? U_U

I like that, her blunt additions at the end of almost everything. "... Grr... Cool..." :D

*cries* I think Lexie should get over it. Hello: hot Alejandro beside you. Pounce on him! Mua-ha-ha-ha.

Need 'n' Know chapter 6 . 7/30/2007
Man, Lexie loves to joke around. A mole? Of all things, a mole. How about bones instead? XDD Unlikely. She pants... nice. *pats* And then, we're thinking of no reflection and hair. Oh yes, that would be bad. I'd want to see how pretty I were. *blushes* Kinda conceited, don't you think? Lol. Lexie!

Ahh, that's really nice. They're not damned, so holy things don't affect them. I love that! *_* Great explanation! Thumbs-up for you!

So does being a vampire makes you lose all consciousness, that drinking blood is GROSS? Or it could be like starving to death and chowing down on the first bowl of food that offers itself. I make bad analogies. U_U

Need 'n' Know chapter 5 . 7/30/2007
Thea is a hair-color-crazed girl and hopeless fluff person who likes "One True Love"? O_O Lexie wasn't influenced throughout her life. Wow. Lol.

Ah, the whole deal with Abby. T_T No one talks to her. Why not? If Lexie is so closed to her father as to being able to say, "I love you," to him, then, somehow, the mother would at least know... okay, maybe not. Realistically, no, parents don't know a lot of things most of the time. Like with Lexie.

With Abby as a witness... hm, I wonder if Lexie is going to help Abby about that Justin guy.

It's seems too long ago that the accident's taken a place (reading time few hours), and now... she's changed. *gags somebody*

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