Reviews for Section 407
The Noble Sire Philip Alexand chapter 1 . 3/8/2007
I am exceptionally aroused by this, the initial flavor of you work and style. If this appetizer proves accurate to any degree whatsoever I will be pleased and presumably pleasured by the possibility of calling you my contemporary.

"Keep your eyes and ears closed tight"

Lest the excited euphony of colliding sounds,

Erupt from the ears, defying all bounds.

They jingle and jangle slowly floating away,

carrying tidings of love and joy from the day.

The children howl and race down the street,

stalking their prey with no shoes on their feet;

No time for shoes, or socks, or sense,

Their hearts are pounding, their muscles tense.

Jumping and sailing up through the air,

They can only scrape the stream with their hair.

So close, they stretch and extend their arms,

red-faced, dejected, yet compelled by the charms,

of such evanescent, angelic, little creatures,

who ride on the wind and sing songs of the features

of the divne.

that is the thought the quoted part of the poem broached in my head. it just vokes these amazingly intricate images in my head of giddy children laughing and screaming, frantically trying to imprison, incarcerate, and capture the transcendental manifestation of music and joy above them, but of course it's futile; and yet, it's futile to resist the attraction.

Fantastic poem I'm impressed, but I expected you to write some brilliant stuff.
The Breakdancing Ninja chapter 1 . 3/8/2007
Wow! This was euphoric, Eskimo! I think this is an awesome depiction of the heavenly, too. It's way more exciting. The images you used, the sensory qualities were a total flood!

I was waiting for sweat to be introduced, though, which would have been a nice additive, but there were a lot of great sensory qualities in here anyway.

I loved the way you described the crowd-they're all gathering there-hm. Wait. Maybe instead of "clan"-how about "cult"? Or is that too dark?

[Thoughts are obliterated by Technicolor lights,/ Whose wavelength’s threaten to destroy the spectrum./ Forget those laws, and rules, and theories./ Their constraints can not exist in here.] I really liked this as the few starter lines. We're entering a new world bursting with colors!

And to think of music as a snake is something I see more visually than I hear. When I think of music, it comes in from everywhere at once, like a really loud fog, but the way it is presented here is somewhat like incense, something enchanted. And the band is a huge snake charmer!

[Casting its spell by forcing your heart from its cage.] This must be some damn good music! LOL

I love how you describe the band as a "demigod"-they're being worshipped by all these people-how about "cult" instead of "clan" to go with the idea of worship! Does it have more impact now?