Reviews for He's Just Teasing
ManicBlue chapter 46 . 6/17/2007
i loved it! i have to say that i was kinda sad to see the story end...I just LOVE it so MUCH! i hope there is a pressure or anything.o and im happy that jacey is getting over her issues. i see a nice future for her! *weird ggogly eyes and mysterious smoke* tootles!
eve chapter 42 . 6/17/2007
i think i just died! i definalty didnt expect this and i usually see these things coming! you are one amazing author!
eve chapter 37 . 6/17/2007
this was the cutest thing ever! if only real guys were that nice. and i think you did an amazing job on everything so far. keep up the great work!
clear vision chapter 36 . 6/16/2007
no offense, but that was barely considered a sex scene. the first part of the scene itself wasnt even a sex scene because there was no sex. the only sex scene-ish part is like the very last sentence.
clear vision chapter 22 . 6/16/2007
CHASE! he's totally hot.
clear vision chapter 4 . 6/16/2007 spelled it 'discusted' i think you mean 'disGusted' ? lol yea
clear vision chapter 2 . 6/16/2007
...? san fransico? i thought it was sacramento.
eve chapter 26 . 6/16/2007
yay chocochip cookie! even yayer for tequial! and yayest for chase!
Eve chapter 25 . 6/16/2007
no! why would anyone want to steal my chase? *tear* im still hoping for a new character to take her breath away and leave chase to me, but hopes are just dreams...
eve chapter 22 . 6/16/2007
jacey can have the new not introduced yet character, cuz tylers a jerk and ive already called chase and kegan is just too sweet for any type of relationship with her.
Eve chapter 20 . 6/16/2007
this chapter has left me speechless! its such an unexpected turn and its amzing! i wish chase were real, hed definatly be my drug of choice forever, mafia and all.
Eve chapter 13 . 6/16/2007
wow i love your story! i cant wait to see who jacey picks and what happens next! simply amazing!
5starmom chapter 46 . 6/13/2007
Great story!

I really enjoyed the read. It has more twists and turns than...well than almost anything I've ever read.

Keep up the entertainment...I'll be here to read it! )
not.a.spoiled.brat chapter 46 . 6/12/2007
hey!i loved ur story.i ALMOST cry in the last work.i hope u make the sequel... D please?hey so whose the person in the white camero with tinted windows?i hope chase shows up soon...please make the sequel!
noriepie chapter 46 . 6/12/2007

can you say...complicated?

that was a quick wrap up.

If you didn't end it sooner it will surely drag out. Are you re-writing this?

Nevertheless, yay you finished a story! Good job, it's not easy, seeing that I can never get past writing the first chapter.



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