Reviews for Field of Screams
Furfaidz chapter 1 . 7/26/2008
"Sarah was clinging to me like she was about to die the whole time. She even went as far as naming all of the volunteers dressed up as monsters who popped out at us, calling them 'Frederico!' and, 'Johnny!' and complementing their hair."

lmao! that's gotta be something.

"Frederico! Love the hair."

don't worry, the chainsaw isn't on and the men can't touch you.. since it killed an old guy last time... :D

i like it. it brings up the conversation i had with my psych teacher. he told me about how when he was in high school, he took his gf to that and she got so scared that at the end, before the chainsaw-man was suppose to pop up, she was hugging him REAL well. when the chainsaw ((lol almost wrote 'chinese')) -man came, before chasing them he turned to my teacher and said "nice".

anyway, nicely written OP. sounds like you guys had a crazy time.

oh, one more thing- can you ask sarah to update "At the End of the Day"?

DancingChaChaFruit chapter 1 . 3/23/2007
Hey, look! I'm in it! )

PS. Don't list this under Horror. It's not really horror at all. I would label it under General, if I were you. And yeah.

Field of Screams was fun! And my OP was funnier P. I mean, were YOU the one trapped by the chainsaw guys? I SAW MY LIFE FLASHING BEFORE MY EYES!

Haha, okay, not really. That's just being being melodramatic. But still. It was terrifying. I almost peed my pants. Literally. And I mean literally.