Reviews for Secret Question
Interluded chapter 1 . 9/5/2007
Hey again :) I really liked so kiss its rhythm, because not only original but sounds really cool not the typical strung cliche and for every open window, porcelain may pierce all present lies because that just really rang nicely. However, if you want to go even farther with this, maybe try punctuation at the ends to break it up. To me the poem was trying to say find the answer/solution to something you've wanted to know deep down, find it, embrace it and be happy with no wonderings of why or what could have happened if you never searched for it. Nice job :)
a silenced revolution chapter 1 . 4/5/2007
I like it somewhat. Especially some of the phrasing, like

"fresh air can clean up any smoke

You breathe in like perfumed poison"

Keep writing.

Slightly Bruised And Broken chapter 1 . 3/20/2007
i think it is so so. i like it but it isn't the best thing you have written. but i do like its vagueness. it makes you think