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cookymonster chapter 28 . 6/18/2008
quite nice, the ending. i wouldn't have thaough that he would have forgiven her that fast though. it's just sad that this is gonna be your last story, you should really try to get this published, with a cool cover and everything. maybe a picture of the cresent necklace?
Eris' Puppet chapter 28 . 6/16/2008
My god what an awesome story. Everything about it was just phenomenal. Your characterizations were incredible. I loved Clipse's sort of diabolic love and his twisted persona. It made for an interesting read. And Meera was great - a very real character which makes readers care about what happens to her. And the whole world you created, with the 3 different races, was very unique.

There's one thing which I don't quite understand, though. The whole reason that Clipse was on the Jag's side of the war was so that Meera wouldn't have to be, right? Alright, but would Meera have ever found out on her own that she was a God? It seems the only reason she found out was because of Clipse, but if Clipse hadn't told her, then she could have gone on living ignorantly and he wouldn't have even had to go on the Jag's side for her. It just seems like neither had to be involved in the war (at least to that extent) unless Clipse had told Meera she was a God like him. So why did Clipse feel the need to tell Meera that?

Err, maybe you explained that somewhere in the story and I just missed it. Anywho, I was just curious about it, and nevertheless, I still love your story. I hope you get published someday!
personwithaccount chapter 28 . 6/16/2008
I'm happy for Meera! And I think I do think that Clipse cared. But then again you only know...

It was a fun read. You're awsome.
naivete chica chapter 28 . 6/15/2008
lol wow such an open ending. at first i thought something was going on between meera and velic, then i thought the boy who gave meera back her necklace was clipse (was it? i must must know!) and then simmer who was gone for like the whole story comes back. lol i have no idea what to make of this.

i'm a bit confused as to why this is a 'romance' story, since simmer and meera weren't really the main story.. or is it because clipse and meera's twisted hate/love relationship?

anyway, thanks for being such a wonderful updater and writing the most inventive story i've read on fictionpress.
thegreypebble chapter 28 . 6/14/2008
actually... i changed my mind. i don't think clipse loves her like a lover... more like... loves her unconditionally.. like a sister or somebody he's indebted to. and the same with meera.



loved this story
theGreyPebble chapter 28 . 6/14/2008
oh god...

and here i thought you would somehow let meera and clipse magically stay together...

... iloveclipse

but this ending is nice too...

clipse SO TOTALLY LOVES meera
luv me like no other chapter 28 . 6/14/2008
good ending.

but i'm shocked, your final story? on this account right?

what about your other accounts?

please, say it isn't so. I enjoy reading all your stories and i would be so extremely sad not to be able to read more good stuff by you. *sobs*
autumnsprite chapter 28 . 6/14/2008
its kind of bittersweet that this is your last story since contract was one of the first storied i ever read on fictionpress and over the years i have read your stories and loved them. I hope you go well with your writing career though no doubt you will, please update us when you publish one- the best publicity you can get is from your readers here. Cassandra Claire had a reader following on her fanfiction and when she published her own book it reached the times best sellers and is hugely popular.. GO Girl!
timeless chapter 28 . 6/14/2008
you know, this is pretty much your first fic that has a 'happy ending'.

call me a pleb but...i like it :D
hulha chapter 28 . 6/13/2008
that was probably the best story i've read on fp. and i've read A LOT..
wookborm chapter 28 . 6/13/2008
OK, OK... I'm going to assume that dude was, uh, Simmer? Oh, man. That sucks. I so wanted Clipse. But whatever..

I always wondered what the ending to this story would be, and now that it's here, it's kind of hard to believe.

... DAMMIT. CLIPSE WAS HOT, DAMMIT... But whatever, he hurt her, I guess.

It was cool. I was like on the edge of my seat.

... Will Velic ever purr?
notquitewitty chapter 28 . 6/13/2008
Well, now I'm grinning insanely. The ending was great even though I'm DYING for her to go get with Clipse instead. (How could he NOT love her?) I feel like for me, as the reader, it's just been way too long for me to have any connection with Simmer (and I kind of just had to go way back and look up his name). I guess I don't really understand the connection Meera has with him, especially after she seems so attached to Clipse and he's all we've seen for a good long while. Of course, my feelings are pretty biased because Clipse is now on the list of fictional characters who totally have me wrapped around their fingers ;) . I'm having a tiny little temper tantrum that you won't be posting more stories here, but if...or rather when you get published you have to put an author's note on all of your stories so I can scurry out and buy a copy. I hope you keep your stories up until at least the end of the summer because around that time I'll probably reread this. But once you take it down I highly recommend you send it out to publishers because, even though I'm no expert on these things, I know a great story when I see one and I'd love to have this on my shelf (but you'll want to get it offline first since it's harder to get stories that are here for anyone to read for free published). Anyways, I absolutely adore your writing and will miss your work tons! Fantastic job on this story.
Faeya chapter 28 . 6/13/2008
Bumer. Your writing is so stylistic and edgy, and it will be sorely missed. Your stories have also taken up a good chunk of my past few years, being pleasantly surprised with updates and whatnot, it's somewhat sad to hear that you'll be taking all of them down eventually and even stop writing!

Ah :(.

You'll be missed :(. Now where will I find my random FP entertainment!
WindWarrior chapter 28 . 6/13/2008

I'm not really a Clipse OR a Simmer fan but I really thought it was Simmer at the end. Still, it's really definitely ingenious that you wrote it so that it could be either. Though Simmer wasn't really in the story all that often,

This story is awesome. What REALLY amazes me is how much Meera changed and how well you pulled off that change. Like, I didn't even really notice that she was changing into this completely different person until a couple of chapters before the end.

I like...Velic. I like Clipse. I like Simmer...I like ALL the characters.

You're really...really some piece of amazing. Some significant, larger-than-life piece of amazing.
No Name 7429035 chapter 28 . 6/13/2008
Wait, so who was that at the end? It was Clipse right? That was a CRUEL ending! You didn't say who it was. . I'll kill all Simmer fans if it was him. Well no, not really, but I'll be all sad. Please PM or e-mail me back or SOMETHING I want to know who that was!

Overall this story was VERY good. Or IS VERY Good. It was my very first sci-fi-ish story too. And I enjoyed reading it thoroughly. I enjoyed Clipse's character the most. He seems so tormented and it sucks that we didn't get to learn more about how he ended up but what can you do. I still hope Simmer's lying in a ditch somewhere, I'm just cruel like that. And I hope Meera ends up happy somehow. Velic's developement was pretty sweet, though he's not a fav I do enjoy his character. XD Meera came a long way through the story though.

I give you a 10/10! ::smooch:: Good luck on getting published! I'll be working on that too once I get all my credits for school! XD I'm already getting a chapter professionally edited. . . yesh. . . There are other people from FP who have gotten published already, so if you need help or advice you should ask them. Though you'd have a better chance at getting published if you get a degree for Lit. and go to a college. All in all, it's all about finding an editor who's willing to give you a shot. They just will consider you better more or whatever if you have a lit degree. ;) Or at least here in Amr that's how it works. You're still young so even if you don't get published right away don't fret! It can take years! You may not get published until you're around 21! Oh. O.O I'm sure you can get your stories on here published though. Some of them anyway. There's this one author who got her fp stories published-and your's are like, WAY better-and she just took down all but the first chapters. So you should consider keeping the first chapters up. So when you do get published and people see your first chapters on here it'll make them want to buy your book.

There's my advice, help. Hope I helped a bit and hope you answer my question. ::SMOOCHES:: You did a very good job! Good luck to the both of us!


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