Reviews for Red Morning
Omok chapter 1 . 5/22/2009
I was really tempted to just favorite this story and then, like, not leave a review. Lols.

Haha; right now i bet you're thinking, even in the slightest at least, "is it THAT bad?"

Answer: no its' not. It's actually a pretty good one-shot. )

Then why?

Answer: I'm feeling lazy at midnight. / hahaha.

Oh. But you're still reviewing...?

Answer: I got guilt-tripped. 'cause this is a good one shot, and i never just favorite a story and leave it at that. I always, you know, review. / hahaa. xD

So yeah...D D

Hai~ D As I've mentioned before, this is a good one shot. Out of all the one-shots I've read, this is a rather unique one. Well, the idea is unique. XD bedding the girl who cheated on you. 3 xD hehe. xD So yeah. 3

Thanks for writing. D I hope to read more work of yours later on, when i find them, or something. haha. P xD
poo-anonymous chapter 1 . 3/29/2008
Sad story. You convey emotions well. I don't know if it's fictional or not, but it was still good, nonetheless. Only a few errors here and there like "mistkaes" (8th paragraph) should be mistakes.