Reviews for Flesh
no.peace.los.angeles chapter 1 . 4/25/2007
This has such an air of power and feminism to it. I don't know if you were intending feminism, but that's what it screamed to me. Which is not to say that that is a bad thing. I really love these pieces that have such a strong voice, and this one really does. Wonderful work. Keep writing! :)
Holly Rose E chapter 1 . 3/30/2007
this is wonderfully intense. the first stanza is probably the strongest, and has the most meaning behind it. the entire poem, however, is equally strong and it never falters in its speech. it never really grows weaker.
darknessblooms chapter 1 . 3/27/2007
I love the brutality of this piece - so physical but so much under the surface, the skin, at the same time. The last stanza has to be my favorite though - it's perfect almost.

"Flesh seems reasonably cheap for the loving I did not want..." - This line caught me and made me go back and reread,. It really stabs the reader with raw emotion, although it's subtly done.

"...the truth remains like butcher's ware, hanging, dying there." - Brutal, honest, gets right in your face just like any truth should. I love the imagery of this line.

Well done. Thanks for the update. :)