Reviews for The Young Miller
Stella Akontiey chapter 1 . 4/1/2007
What, not a single review? Pff, pathetic. I will take the liberty of providing the first.

I enjoyed reading this a lot. I especially liked the similarity in style of this and other, older folk tales. I also liked the part of the description of the Count: "...with the sort of shifty eyes that always seem to be wondering what they can get out of you or how much you’re worth." I thought the little bit about the "friend" of the dear friend of the young miller was very down to earth.

As far as technical details go, shouldn't "such was the young miller’s strength heart" be "such was the young miller's strength *of* heart"? Also, I do believe a comma should be inserted just so: "...Let’s see who she chooses, shall we?”. One last little error; "there" should be "their" in "...where there souls...". Other than those three mistakes, the grammar is spotless. Good work.