Reviews for Superhero Annuals
Anya Tempest chapter 1 . 4/17/2007
Sorry its taken me so long to review - uni work has been a burden. I'll try and get round to your other update soon as well, but I can't promise you a specific deadline, sorry.

I really liked this. The Shadows emotional turmoil was really vivid and touching, and the interaction between Enormoand Firegirl were really good too.

However, maybe you could have out in a divider when you changed scenes? It was a little hard to follow at point, and some asterisks or hyphens or something would have been helpful.

"Being knocked down has severely fumbled Forcefield’s conversation, "

Also, in that sentence I thought the "has" should maybe be a "had"? And "conversation" should have been "concentration"?

But all the same, great work as always!
searchlight chapter 1 . 3/31/2007
"his affliction to fire" seems kind of awkward. You may just want to look up a synonym for weakness. I would have had more of a reaction when Fire Girl fell off the roof. I was like, is one of them going to help her? Kind of confusing with the back and forth, took me some time to realize it was two different scenes of action going on. Maybe even a diamond separation could be appropriate? I appreciate the Batman-like sentiment of not wanting to actually kill the bad dudesjust lock them up in Arkham. Plus, it makes later plots possible. I like the devotion for the sanctity of human life in the parts with the *Shadow*! I like the Shadow. Titanium kind of scared me with his motives for throwing Wrath, what's up with that? You offer us tantalizing glimpses of the next issue. What's up with THAT? Haha. Good job, minor hang-ups, grabbing storyline and interplay.