Reviews for Anything But This
Ironic Presence chapter 1 . 4/4/2007
Hm... interesting. I don't quite think you ever answered the "THIS" that you didn't want faked, which kind of annoyed me, but I can relate to the feeling of the poem. It's almost like you'd rather have him fake it and lead you on than not have a real heartbreak. Wait... no. The thought is gone. lol

On a side note which is not related to this poem: yeah, Lesbia left Catullus, but he's so wrapped up in her, in almost every poem, he makes a reference to her, and just when you think he's over her, there she pops up again. They kept getting back together and breaking up again. I only know this whole story because I take Latin, and I am translating Catullus. I'm quite the nerd. ;)

Well, keep writing!

Sarcastic Presence