Reviews for Dear Curious Reader
curious reader chapter 1 . 6/13/2007
your style of writing has one very strong component.

the narrative. whether first person or second or third, you keep that voice pushed up at the top of the action.

It gives it that 50's crime novel pulp sensibility.

And here is where I give 2 cents, turn it into a dollar.

What if you lose control in life?, if you can't translate

on the page it's only more commentary. You are beautiful,

you have that natural affinity to style and logic. One day, drugs stop opening you up and they start shutting you down.

Addiction createst the illusion of certainty. You will wake up tomorrow and know exactly what has to be done. And by the time you sleep that night, all those other voices are drowned out.

My dear fearless writer, bloodshot blues, you don't feed on your readers, they feed on you.